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Marble decoration, beauty to suffocate

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-11
Believe everyone when it comes to use marble in a home, mind is out of the local tyrants is extremely costly, resplendent and magnificent decoration style. In fact can also be tested at the same time in the luxurious marble make a minimalist, elegant feeling. In the design between wei yu is decorated in, for example, choose white texture with natural gray texture of white marble, can let whole space appear a kind pure and fresh and elegant texture. , of course, also should pay attention to don't put the solid surface sheets lays all over the space, to targeted tie-in log, the metal element, can get rid of a single marble color brings cold and distant. Now the marble material also is often use is decorated in the kitchen of the younger generation. Because clean with unique texture, color and line feeling of marble element, can easily create a modern fashion, concise and agile kitchen space. Besides between bath and kitchen, many families in other functional space more or less choose marble material, such as a TV setting wall, counter the tea table of the sitting room, bedroom nightstand, and so on. Limited, of course, if the money but very like marble element, can choose and buy with texture of solid surface sheets wall paper, posted a unique art wall easily.
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