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Marble desktop how to maintain?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-01
gradually become very common in our life, mainly marble look gorgeous, and also is simpler, when cleaning for the furniture of a few other desktop, just need to be careful when maintenance, but just a lot of marble. Although it is more casual, but also has the correct maintenance properly. Small make up for this is to introduce how about marble desktop maintenance? Shi Lifang small make up is to answer for you. One should be as little as possible, in the clean water, and regularly with a slightly damp cloth to wipe it clean with mild cleaning agent, then wipe dry with a clean soft cloth to polish and another in the process of the cloth not back and forth on the desktop to wipe, then use dry, cotton cloth to wipe, polished. Two, don't be too hot items on the desktop will, in order to avoid its impression, in addition when not in use, should keep the whole desktop is dry and clean, for marble desktop slight abrade, usable and special marble cleaner and nurse agent and wear serious solid surface sheets for sale desktop is more difficult, velvet nap of usable steel wire is wiped, use next dynamoelectric burnish machine burnish, make it restores luster. Has its own mines, engaged in stone industry for 12 years, marble mining, processing, deep processing as a whole, the company has passed the national quality management system and environmental management system certification, and established a perfect quality management system and innovation of science and technology agency.
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