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Marble factory about the advantages and disadvantages of marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-04
factory about the advantages and disadvantages of marble as natural stone, marble has many styles and colors. Therefore, homeowners can according to the theme of his house, find the marble of color and style preferences. texture also vary from country to country, so it is almost impossible to have the same marble, it gives the uniqueness of each house. As a metamorphic rock, marble, strong and durable. If well marble laid, can avoid a lot of why traces and surface stains. If proper maintenance, marble can have a long life. If clean properly, people can appreciate the solid surface sheets for sale of the original luster. sealant is also a very good choice, can be used for marble floor maintenance. has a resistance of bacteria. In a house with marble surface, the bacterium can't stay for a long time. This allows no bacteria in the home, people can enjoy a healthy life. Natural marble floor has several advantages, but there are also some shortcomings, need to keep in mind. It is important to note that the marble is a heavy building materials. Building need extra support to marble, marble floor so should take appropriate measures to to ensure that the floor can bear the weight of the marble. maintenance is simple. But if you don't have to do regular maintenance, so, marble surface spots easily, form a stain. This will also affect the marble natural gloss, homeowners may not need to periodically change some new ceramic tile, etc. In order to keep the gloss of marble, should be properly maintained. If there are stains spattered the marble surface should be clean up immediately. is a sign of luxury. Want to install marble floors, should first query related expenses. Although expensive, but the durability of the marble is that it has the very good investment value. Once the installation marble floors, amount can can last a lifetime. The advantages and disadvantages of natural marble surface is feel, should from the details in life to feel. Say so many advantages and disadvantages of natural marble, are you still confused on whether to use natural marble? The natural marble, natural stone, natural stone material high-grade solid surface is a traditional ambry mesa of raw materials, more commonly used is black and white two kinds of flowers. Advantages: natural stone has natural grain, more beautiful, quality of a material is solid, wear-resisting, prevent scratch performance is very outstanding, its price is low, belongs to the most economical a mesa material. Disadvantages: 1, has the high radioactive, feel cold; More than 2, hard, elasticity is insufficient, can't make more than 1 meter mesa, heated or knocked prone to fracture, and it is difficult to repair, modelling processing smooth not easily also; 3, have natural pore, vulnerable to pollution, easy to breed bacteria, easy oil leakage, easy to be dyed; 4, splicing operations for synthetic rubber color can't match with natural stone material, and its cross section is not neat, so can't realize seamless splicing, and connection of the natural stone are using home-made glue, domestic rubber life is short, easy to moldy, formaldehyde content.
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