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Marble factory - Natural marble of choose and buy

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-05
factory - Natural marble of choose and buy a place: advantages of natural stone texture natural color, more beautiful, the disadvantage is that natural stone do mesa can't seamless splicing, or radioactive, free of toughening elasticity and easy to stress fracture, etc. A siphon phenomenon of be affected with damp be affected with damp. Natural marble with pore, accumulate dirt easily, antifouling performance slightly insufficient, and brittleness is big, cannot make more than one meter mesa. The juncture place easy to accumulate dirt, breeding ground for bacteria. Natural stone mesa prices vary according to the design and color is different, the most commonly used several is in commonly 200 yuan of about one meter, a mesa material belongs to the most economical and practical. When choosing a marble material, can deal with solid surface sheets for sale surface is smooth, edges and corners with and without defects, crack, scratch, with and without sand holes, color is pure filtered, etc. High degree of finish, stone fine, colour and lustre is beautiful, neat edges, surface must not have hidden wounds, weathering and corrosion defects. If you really want to use the natural stone material, still choose Mongolia black or black sands, because black not easy to see the dirt. Choose good grades: according to the size allowed the allowed tolerance deviation, flatness and Angle, and appearance quality, surface finish and other indicators, marble plate divided into classy article, first-rate and qualified products at three levels. Check the appearance quality: the appearance of the different levels of solid surface sheets for sale plate is different. Because marble is a natural formation, defect is inevitable. The pros and cons of processing equipment and measuring tool at the same time is also the cause of plate defects. Some plate plate body not plump, Warp or sag) Some defective, board ( Crack, blister, discoloration, etc. ) Different specifications, board ( Such as lack of edges and corners, the plate body is not straight) And so on. According to the national standard, various grades of marble plank are allowed to have some shortcomings, but classy article less obvious. Choose pattern color: color almost the same, beautiful small off color, decorative pattern is the manifestation of good varieties, otherwise it will seriously affect the adornment effect. Testing surface glossiness: high quality marble plate polished surface should be mirror luster, as can be clearly reflected. Due to the different chemical composition but different quality marble, even with the grade of products, its gloss difference will be large. The same material, of course, different levels between the plate surface gloss also can have certain differences. In addition, the strength of the marble plank, bibulous rate is also an important index to evaluate the quality of the marble. Buy artificial marble, particular attention must be paid not only depends on the quality, but also pay attention to environmental performance and after-sale service. Choose artificial marble, compare prices at the same time don't forget to compare the quality, and pay attention to ask for and keep all kinds of certificates, to protect their own interests are not violated. Well there is a saying: 'after much attention before shopping, use less to worry about. 'Whether natural or artificial solid surface sheets for sale of choose and buy, be sure to ask for to the businessman of radioactive and harmful gas index test report, test or professional inspection institutions. To sign a contract when buying invoice. The contract and invoice is an important guarantee of human rights, consumer should ask sellers in the contract clear product name, specification, grade, quantity and price, etc. , and which requires clear adoption standard for testing. Can ask vendors to provide best products qualified certificate, by the legal department as the inspection report or radioactive quality certificate. Conditions permit, it is better to send samples to testing department for testing. Now, appear on the market of the so-called 'international grade A', 'super' stone, is part of the manufacturer to mislead consumers, consumers should pay attention to guard against.
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