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Marble factory tell you marble an overview

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-05
factory tell you an overview: marble and marble, limestone is recrystallization, main composition optimization is CaCO ₃. Limestone softening under high temperature and high pressure, and changes in mineral crystallization marble again. Main component is calcium and dolomite and a lot of color, usually with distinct patterns, there are many mineral grains. Mohs hardness in 2. Between 5 and 5. Because solid surface sheets for sale is generally contains impurities, and calcium carbonate by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, carbide, the effect of moisture, also easy to weathering and dissolution, and make the surface soon lose its luster. general physical properties more soft, this is relative to the case of solid surface. In indoor decoration, television mesa, windowsill, indoor ground suit to use solid surface sheets for sale. is the commodity name, not the petrology definition. is natural building material, a large category, generally refers to have decorative function, can be processing ChengJianZhu stone or handicraft has spoiled or not metamorphism of carbonate rocks. It is framed by the yunnan Dali point with gorgeous colour and lustre and the pattern of stone material produced by the name. Referring to marble, limestone, dolomite, solid surface sheets for sale and carbonate rocks formed by different alteration of skarn and marble, etc.
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