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Marble factory tell you to identify the appearance quality of the marble are available from the following several from his hand

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-04
factory tell you can identify the appearance quality of the marble from the following several from the hand of marble is a kind of high-grade decorative materials, when the choose and buy must discreet, so as not to waste of money. ( 1) 5 m in visual carefully. Require the same solid surface sheets for sale plank tonal pattern of fundamental harmonic. ( 2) Check surface defects under the condition of the light is enough, sheet will be flat on the ground, standing on the distance of observation is not seen where the marble plank purlin defects that no defects; Standing on the sheet of purlin is visible in the purlin in no obvious flaws as no obvious flaw; Standing in the sheet from the purlin clearly see defects that is flawed. Specific observations the defects of plate buckling; Plate surface crack, sand holes, different flecks, stain and concave phenomenon exists. If determine the above several defects without the plate as the classy article, at the same time sheet is not allowed to have lack of positive edge drop Angle defect; If the above defect is not obvious at the same time also no obvious lack of edge Angle, then can maintain the plank for level 1; If there were a few defects, but does not affect the use, only 1 sheet and positive director is not more than 8 mm, width is not more than 3 mm short or long and wide edges are not greater than 3 mm off Angle, can judge the plank for qualified products. Plate and damaged during transportation, loading and unloading, can undertake bonding ( Against rupture board) Or repair ( On edges and potholes or pitting) on the surface of the defect, 。 But felt, repair after positive there is no obvious trace, color to color close to positive. ( 3) View of marble plate marking order: name, classification, size, grade, standard name order for marble plank: waste material place of origin, name of decorative pattern and tonal characteristics, solid surface sheets for sale, Code-named M) 。 plate is divided into two categories: general plate type ( Code-named N) : the long for a square or rectangular plate; Heterotypic plates ( Code-named S) : the plank for other shapes. plate has three levels: classy article, Known as A) , grade a ( Code-named B) And the products ( Code to C) 。 Hierarchy is based on the plate size to allow partial differential, flatness tolerance limit of tolerance, Angle tolerance limit of tolerance, appearance quality and specular light jersey. Such as well with Beijing white marble block type production's size is 600 MMX 400 MMX 20 mm of grade a sheet named: well big white marble stone, white marble is marked: well, M) N 600 x400x20bjc79 solid surface sheets for sale plank should indicate: when the factory production factory name, trademark, mark. So by looking at the tag, overall appearance quality of the plate.
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