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Marble floor maintenance?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-20
floor installed, want to undertake the appropriate maintenance work, otherwise it is easy to appear defects, holes, seams, cracks and other issues. floor cleaning and maintenance work must follow certain methods, can be in daily use to keep clean and tidy condition, and can reduce or avoid artificial damage due to improper cleaning and maintenance way, affect the service life of the marble floor. A, marble floor daily cleaning 1, under normal circumstances, the marble surface sweep clean must be used for a half dry wet mop mop ( Dust cover on the need to spray the ground dust removal liquid) , and then use push dust by miles outward push dust. floor cleaning job is a major dust. 2, for the special dirty place, add the right amount of neutral detergent with water even after cleaning, keep the end leave stains. 3 local stain and dirt, ground, shall be removed immediately available micro wave mop or cloth to wipe clean. 4, local stains, such as ink color stain, chewing gum, paste, must be clear, clean and micro wet towels on the stain, pat towel adsorption dirt. After repeated several times, but the other pressure micro wet towel in a weight in the above stay for a period of time, the adsorption dirt effect is better. 5, bear in mind that when the drag mop the ground do not use strong acidic or alkaline detergent to clean the ground, lest cause damage. You should use a dedicated neutral cleaner, and mop must pull the moisture dry again; Also can be used to brush machine cooperate white nylon cushion, and neutral detergent scrubbing of the floors, blot moisture using suction machines in time. 6, in winter in order to facilitate cleaning and cleaning effect, suggest place water absorption mat on inward and outward, cleaner should also be prepared to clean dirt, wastewater from time to time at the same time, and the ground should use brush machine ground cleaning 1 times a week. Second, regular maintenance of solid surface sheets floor 1, marble floor in after completion of the first comprehensive wax surface care after 3 months, partial wear should fill wax processing and polishing, can prolong the life. 2 it is recommended that the conditional wax, marble ground unit, every night, and at the entrance of the elevator for grinding and polishing spray curing. 3, the marble floor at the completion of the first comprehensive wax surface care after 8 - After 10 months, suggested that wax or overall cleaning after waxing again.
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