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Marble parquet bonding point

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-21
parquet adhesive, to achieve the best effect of adhesive, attention should be paid to the following: first, to clean the stone material fracture, do not dust and particles, to keep the rupture surface is dry, cannot have more moisture, conditional pressure cleaning with high pressure pump, to remove the debris of activity, and then coated with the stick glue on the surface of the fracture, coating evenly and not too thick, and then immediately docking, squeezed tight. Make the stick glue overflow slightly. Attention is, must first clean up the plank, dispensing glue again, otherwise, the glue may be invalid. For more than 2 cm thick plate, shall be made in vertical adhesive effect is best, stick is vertical to the stone after, use the weight of cement, stone material itself can do some support to keep upright stone. When bonding to the plate with wooden hammer or rubber hammer knock gently, a little pressure, make the seams as small as possible, to 1 cm thick sheet with flat stick as well, on the flat platform covered with paper, put to the wall mounted bar countertop material of adhesive, after fracture with good glue, docking clamping immediately. After the glue hardening, you can proceed to the next working procedure. For other stone adhesive, such as stone crafts, wall mounted bar countertop furniture and special shape stone is roughly such procedures. Round plate with vertical stick had better, flowers line with flat stick as well, all of the adhesive to glue joints should be as small as possible, achieves the best effect of bonding, and shall not affect the appearance beauty. Parquet marble glue must be flat sticky, to spread the paper on the platform, had better be oiled paper, so it is not easy to stick on, then put the glass mat paving, spelled prior estimate good spelling a flower, with a piece of adhesive, with square, guiding rule as the basis, one by one, adhesive, by extrusion, sheet usually down below, until completion of the entire adhesive. After drying in order to increase the intensity of some spelling a flower, on the back of glue good spelling a flower can be evenly coated with a layer of glue, use brush gently brush, can greatly strengthen the fastness to spelling a flower. Follow the way of spelling a flower, of course, crack more stone can use on the back to strengthen network to improve the strength of the stone. Now many stone production line after the polishing process with a stick to glass fiber reinforced net, its purpose is to increase the strength of the stone. Is home wall mounted bar countertop processing, installation and decoration in a body's comprehensive stone material enterprise. Company in strict quality control and expand domestic and foreign markets, to create brand products under the guidance of strategic thinking, build a clear development strategy, strengthen the construction of the management system and management function, through constant development, has formed a complete set of production, design, sales, processing, installation of the network system.
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