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Marble railings factory base

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-02
railings processing plant is also called the marble factory, give priority to with white marble railings color mainly, so the marble railings processing plant is located in the white marble mining area, in order to facilitate transportation and reduce the cost. The white marble mines in China, mainly in which several regions; 1 congratulation state; Advocate white marble, the rich stone material resources, cheap, applicable scenario has, at present the most popular choice. 2 the sichuan baoxing; Alternaria alternata baoxing white marble, white marble east, belong to the finest stone, stone material cost is higher. 3 Beijing well; Advocate white marble marble, the top white marble, with less storage, basically used in large construction logotypes. Of course in our country and other regional production white marble, such as; Hunan, yunnan, jiangsu and other places, but as a result of selling the big board price is high, processed into the rail lose their advantages. At present, the marble railings processing main source materials produced in the world, the main reasons; Across the country due to the environmental protection problem of shutdown in mines, royal city is forming upgrade solid surface sheets for sale stone material circulation industry chain; The marble block - Big board - Arts and crafts - Calcium carbonate powder - Ecology - are derived - waste pulp waste residue Synthesis of condole top. Is located in hezhou guangxi ping district industrial park, is a collection of marble mining, processing, special products, calcium carbonate powder and the integration of natural marble factory, its own white solid surface sheets for sale mine 12, 13 years in stone industry.
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