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Marble tile maintenance method

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-19
floor brick is becoming a household decorates is new bestow favor on, more and more people like to decorate in household in use, take a look at below the marble floor maintenance method and the matters needing attention. floor maintenance method if you want to know what to avoid. Where population flows more frequently try not to use marble, especially the driveway, kitchen and other similar places, these places will continue to damage the marble tiles. Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard to avoid. Therefore, proper maintenance cleaning is very important. When in clean to avoid the acid, such as vinegar, orange juice, tomato juice, and other similar liquid and material. tiles have a lot of pore, easily contaminated with these things, that is why want to use neutral detergent when cleaning. You can choose a mild soap, clean with clear water is enough. When spilled acid on the floor, immediately wipe up, avoid stains. tiles are also easy to fill, with a dry towel to wipe can reduce the water damage. If it is glazed marble that can reduce a lot of maintenance, because it will take more damage and pollution. In spite of this, the basic cleaning, vacuuming, mopping the floors still want to insist, as long as no soil dust, marble floor tile can keep luster. floor maintenance matters needing attention in daily use, avoid using metal sharps, glass ceramics, nails and other hard objects knock or friction on the ground, weight items don't drag back and forth on the ground, in order to avoid scratched glaze, affect the appearance. As far as possible when the daily clean sweep the floor with dry mop, less with wet mop. Brick surface such as a scratch, scratch place daub toothpaste, use dry cloth is wiped can repair. Should be timely transfer to local damage in the shop is stuck. Brick and tile joints don't regularly use the decontamination creams to dirt, then in aperture to brush a layer of waterproofing agent, can prevent mould to grow. Ceramic tile can be chosen daily cleaning detergent, soap, such as cleaning, add a few ammonia water and oil mixture, with soap wash tile tile more luster. In life, such as tea were to attach or other daily necessities on tile, scrub clean, timely application of corresponding cleaning cleaning when necessary. End with baoxing jade acrylic countertops factory to see the solid surface sheets floor of choose and buy. 1, solid surface sheets tile color is very rich, the consumer before the choose and buy, the majority of Internet users may be searching decorate case, and listen to the opinions of the experts. In addition, can also according to individual be fond of, combined with the building space size measure, in order to achieve the best effect of decoration. 2, because marble tiles are emerging things, the ceramic tile on the market specification is uneven, the large size of ceramic tile is more and more popular. General customers will have big brick appear atmosphere this purchasing psychology, thus ignore the actual household space size. But, in fact, the specifications of the floor tile is not the bigger the better. Accurately speaking, the choose and buy of marble floor tile should be according to the actual household space area to decide, lest affect bedroom space aesthetic feeling. 3, don't be too dependent on manufacturer's award certificate. In the ceramic tile of choose and buy, consumers tend to be fooled by merchants on the surface of the honor, while ignoring the product quality inspection report and the test report. Judge the merits of the marble tile sex not only with all kinds of certificates, but more should be the quality of products. 4, in general, marble tile will exist certain chromatism, and this kind of color difference will directly affect the overall effect is that the bedroom decorates. Consumers in the ceramic tile of choose and buy when, can be a batch of products on a vertical surface, watch for uneven phenomenon. Then two brick side close together, see if there are any gaps. 5, the ceramic tile of choose and buy not only judging by appearance, and the experiments also cannot treat STH lightly. Bibulous rate is one of the measures ceramic tile quality basis. Look to pour water on the back of ceramic tile, bibulous rate, bibulous rate is an important factor decided to ceramic tile stand or fall of on any account. The water imbibition of ceramic tile is lower, also the higher the degree of density, in this way, dense hole brick is not easy to absorb moisture and dirt, easier to clean. Information about the marble floor maintenance method and matters needing attention today is here, everyone understand?
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