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Material selection, installation, inspection strategy for the new integrated bathroom integrated ceiling - overall bathroom, installation

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-25

If the bathroom is larger than 4 square meters, the bathroom measures such as washbasin, toilet and bathtub can be expanded one by one, and the functional partition of the bathroom is also formed naturally. Faced with the changing demands due to the larger space, the traditional bathroom electrical products inevitably have shortcomings that cannot meet their needs; at the same time, there are also various inconsistencies between the traditional ceiling and the assembly of multiple electrical appliances. It greatly affects the overall beauty of the Weiyu space. Through the revolution and innovation of traditional bathroom electrical products, the three functions of heating, ventilation and lighting are modularized and integrated with the ceiling module. It completely eliminates many problems caused by the enlarged bathroom space, provides an overall and beautiful upper space for bathroom decoration, and creates a safe, beautiful and quiet bathing environment for the family. Lamp warmer: The material of the lamp surface is generally made of quartz hard glass, and the manufacturer will use quartz hard glass of different models. When we choose, we mainly look at whether the lamp surface is average. If the surface of the lamp is uneven, it may cause bursting. One is to see if the joint of the double thread and the lamp body is tightly combined. Air heating: The air heating also depends on the blowing system, whether it can send the hot air to 1.8-2M, because the air supply requirements of the general air heating must reach such a range of 1.8-2m. In this way, the user will not feel that the temperature of the lower body is insufficient when taking a bath. Ventilation: The bathroom is a relatively humid environment when taking a bath. Generally, the ventilation fan has 2 gears. The most important thing about the ventilation fan is the noise of the motor. The general motor is an oil-impregnated bearing, which belongs to sliding friction, which will generate relatively large noise, and will resonate with the ceiling. Some brand motors use ball bearing motors, which belong to dynamic friction, and the frictional resistance is smaller than that of sliding friction. It is characterized by low noise, which is lower than the current international standard, and the other is long service life. The material of the bathroom gusset is aluminum, which can be divided into three categories: sandblasting, roller coating, and film coating. The sanding is directly drawn on the aluminum material, and the surface is oxidized. This process can avoid rusting. Roller coating requires 3 rolls and 3 rolls in the production process. In layman's terms, it is to paste the film 3 times and do 3 rolls. The production process of the film-coated board is made of imported PVC film and overcoating color paint. The surface pattern is rich in color and has the advantages of abrasion resistance, stain resistance, and convenient scrubbing. Now there is also a kind of silver plate, which is a kind of anti-penetration and seepage plate, a bionic technology, just like lotus leaves, the water droplets will not condense on it, but will directly roll down. Inspection and installation The gusset is divided into light color and dark color in terms of color. As for how to choose the color, it depends on the preference that matches your bathroom. For heating, first turn on the corresponding equipment switch to test the machine. If the light is warm, it should be turned on for 15 seconds to see if there is a sense of heat. If there is, it will be no problem. After the air heater is turned on, you should feel whether there is hot air at a distance of 1.8-2 meters from the air heater. If there is, it will confirm that the air heater is normal. The ventilating fan should be turned on at the high and low gears to listen to the size of the noise, whether the noise is relatively quiet, and whether there is any strange sound. The gusset depends on whether it is flat at the electrical joints and whether the overall assembly line is smooth. In terms of installation, the overall bath top requires an interval of 2.3-2.5 meters from the ground, which is the best heating effect. If the height is too low, it will burn the top of the user's head. Check whether the entire ceiling is smooth, and the electrical appliances should be staggered from the pipes to ensure the appearance. The pipes should be blocked in the ceiling as much as possible. Such installations are generally installed by the store for free, but if there is a special-shaped installation, it will be charged. Certain special-shaped installation process costs. The so-called special-shaped installation means that the pipes in some bathrooms may be very special and protrude downward a lot. It is necessary to make a corner package to achieve a beautiful appearance as much as possible.

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