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Misunderstandings that may exist in purchasing an electric water heater-electric water heater, misunderstandings

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-13

When consumers buy electric water heaters, they are often easy to listen to the so-called explanations of merchants. In fact, the promotion of some merchants is purely misleading. Industry stakeholders pointed out that there are four major misunderstandings in the current market. 1. Water outlet and power failure: Its function is to automatically cut off the power supply when in use, and automatically restore the power supply after use as a safety device. In fact, the possibility of electric shock cannot be avoided, because it only cuts off the power supply when the water is out. If there is a hidden danger of leakage at this time, when the water is turned off, the power supply is restored and the electric shock is caused. In addition, if the electricity has leaked before use, it will be electrocuted by touching the metal cutout at the beginning of use. The safe way to use it is to install a reliable ground wire for the electric water heater and use a power cord with a leakage protector. 2. Water and electricity separation heating pipe: Some manufacturers deliberately emphasize that they are water and electricity separation heating pipes. In fact, the heating pipes used in electric water heaters are all water and electricity separation. And as long as it is manufactured in accordance with relevant standards, its safety performance is very high. At present, most of the electric water heaters use a direct heating type heating tube, which has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, durability and reliability, and simple manufacturing and installation. 3. The role of magnesium rods: almost all manufacturers advertise that the role of magnesium rods is strong descale, soften water quality, and care for the skin. In fact, the real function of magnesium rods is anti-corrosion, but it will harden the water quality and cause serious scaling, which will of course have an adverse effect on the appearance. 4. Blind worship of foreigners: In the era of increasingly homogeneous commodities, it should be said that state-owned brand electric water heaters and foreign brands are technically indistinguishable, and even surpass each other in some aspects. Moreover, in terms of price, familiarity with regional culture and after-sales service, state-owned brands have obvious advantages. Therefore, there is no basis for trusting foreign brands and foreign technologies, and this kind of psychology is easily used by some inferior domestic products in the market with foreign manufacturing and foreign technology, thus being deceived.

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