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Natural marble factory in where

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-30
, because of yunnan province named marble, so the legend marble marble is the best! , because of yunnan province named marble, so the legend marble marble is the best! Yunnan marble varieties of color more, white with Snow White, towering white, red coral red, hongxia jade, manufacturers are mainly distributed in the city of kunming, Dali, and qujing city. Yunfu, also known as shicheng, located in guangdong 'big xiguan, is connected to the pearl river delta regional hub to the back of the throat, southwestern and inland areas, the national famous' kingdom of stone. Form yunfu and one of the most famous is the 'solid surface sheets for sale', and DuanZhou inkstone, XinYi jade, German stone and stone known as guangdong's four big name. 'China stone city' - - Around the first minnan building materials market is located in nanan shuitou town, collected more than 700 large stone production enterprises, account for more than 40% of the national stone material production. Sally Anna cream-colored, deep coffee network are the characteristics of shuitou town of marble. Hunan marble mainly distributed in changsha, zhuzhou and xiangtan, chang DE city. Southern hunan which and Yang city mainly white is given priority to the cloud of white solid surface sheets for sale, white marble, hunan white jade. In south China is FengFu District marble resources, mainly distributed in the eastern congratulation state, wuzhou, guilin, liuzhou region. Famous marble is 'white', white with white board face, landscape of texture, the low price is the first choice for architectural decoration stone. Of calcium carbonate in China are hezhou has in south China's largest white marble marble mine resource, white marble ore reserves of first. Congratulation state flat guangxi industrial zone of 12 Shi Li stones industry co. , LTD. Has its own mines, deep tillage marble industry for 13 years, is China stone association 'stone material specification sheet product specification' write unit.
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