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Natural marble table custom wholesale manufacturers

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-27
We are a professional custom natural marble table furniture manufacturers, the company is located in guangxi hezhou flat white solid surface sheets for sale natural marble mines in guangxi guangxi area, deep tillage marble furniture industry for 12 years, the company strength is abundant, rich experience, have professional marble furniture table designer, professional customized for the client, to meet customer demand. 12 years of development, our company to extract the essence of the eight words from developing as the spirit of enterprise. Unity innovation, our goal is to do the high quality brand sincerely and one hundred of the company has more than 1000 professional and technical staff, has a variety of advanced production equipment, annual recoverable marble block 2 million m3, the production of about 6 million tons of ore, an annual output of 10 million m2, marble plate of calcium carbonate powder, about 1 million tons, annual output of about 500000 pieces of marble handicrafts. The vigorous development of the company has entered the forefront of guangxi hezhou.
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