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Natural stone material quality depends on the quality of the waste material, on the one hand, on the other hand also related to the machining process. Inferior marble and granite plate main table

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-21

1, beautiful decorative pattern on the surface of the tonal not

high quality wall mounted bar countertop material surface pattern colour and lustre is beautiful and easy, elegant, decorated with a strong decorative effect. And the stone material of inferior quality after processing the surface pattern colour and lustre is not beautiful, can't give a person with beautiful enjoyment. So the stone material surface decorative pattern color is stone material quality fit and unfit quality of the main evaluation index.

2, processed plate appearance quality is poorer,

stone in the process of machining will leave some defects on the surface appearance, if the appearance defect is beyond the scope of the standard provisions of the state, the wall mounted bar countertop is the nonconforming product. With the appearance of the poor quality of bad times stone veneer decoration, its overall effect is very poor, so, when determine the wall mounted bar countertop quality, besides considering design color, also must check the appearance quality.

3, the sizes of the deflection

decorative stone materials are processed into plank used, construction method of bunking or collage. If the size of the deflection plate after the shop is stuck, surface will not flat, seam not neat, especially for the facade is decorated, can make the decorative surface linear not neat, affect the overall decoration effect. So the size deviation will directly affects the stone material of adornment effect.

4, poor physical and chemical performance index

inferior stone compressive strength, flexural strength, abrasion resistance, durability, hardness and other performance is poor, cannot guarantee the use of stone material durability.
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