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New ideas for water saving: bathroom equipment purchasing skills - water saving, bathroom equipment, purchasing skills

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-26

The bathroom occupies the vast majority of the daily water consumption of the family. Choosing sanitary ware with water-saving effect can allow us to save a lot of precious water unknowingly in the process of daily use. The quality of bathroom equipment also plays an important role in the comfort of life, and bathroom equipment using various new technologies has created a new modern bathroom space for us. Key words: bathroom Bathroom occupies most of the daily water consumption of the family, choosing sanitary ware with water-saving effect can make us save a lot of precious water unconsciously in the process of daily use. The quality of bathroom equipment also plays an important role in the comfort of life, and bathroom equipment using various new technologies has created a new modern bathroom space for us. Water-saving toilet Key words: reuse, pressure-assistance Some sanitary ware manufacturers have greatly improved the utilization rate of water through unique product design, making the water-saving ability of the toilet to a higher level. It is a pity to use pure tap water to flush the dirt in the toilet. Some sanitary ware manufacturers have installed hand washing and built-in small wash basins on the water tank of their toilets. Users can wash their hands here after each convenience, and the sewage will flow into the water tank and be stored for the next time the toilet is flushed. This toilet achieves the secondary utilization of sewage, and the achievements in water saving are obvious. In order to improve the flushing effect of the toilet on the premise of reducing the flushing volume, some manufacturers have added a pressure-assisted flushing system to the toilet. Whether it is a flush-down or siphon-type toilet, they all belong to the category of gravity-type sanitary ware. gravity for flushing. In contrast, the operation mode of the pressure-assist type is relatively new. The water flows into the water inlet system and compresses the air accumulated in the water tank. When the toilet is flushed, the compressed air causes the water to be ejected from the water tank at a high speed. The bedpan of the toilet is specially designed to absorb this water flow. The entire flushing process takes four seconds. The accelerated impulse generated when the water is sprayed can easily push the dirt in the bedpan out of the drainage pipe. Therefore, many people adopt the pressure-assisted flushing technology. The toilet can be flushed with only 4 liters of water, which is less than the 6 liters mandated by the state. Water saving Key words: flow stabilizer, constant temperature in the water outlet to install a flow stabilizer is also an effective way to save water. The flow stabilizer usually consists of a metal mesh cover (partly plastic), and when the water flows through the mesh cover, it is cut into a large number of small water columns with air in the middle. Due to reasons such as air injection and pressure, the water beam equipped with the flow stabilizer is larger than the traditional one, and the water flow feels smooth, which greatly saves water resources while ensuring the cleanliness. According to the test, the water with the stabilizer installed saves 70% of the water consumption compared to the water without the stabilizer. A shower and bathtub with hot and cold water are installed, and the water temperature must be re-adjusted before every time the water is released, which will inevitably waste a lot of water. If you configure a constant temperature for the shower and bathtub, this problem will be solved. When the water temperature changes, the constant temperature will automatically adjust the balance of hot and cold water to keep the water temperature constant, thereby avoiding wasting a lot of water by re-adjusting the temperature. Water-saving shower key words: air/water flow mixing technology Some high-end brand showers currently on the market also have similar designs. The water combines to generate a flow of water mixed with countless bubbles, and then flows out evenly from the spray hole to form large and soft water droplets. Air and water flow can be mixed according to different ratios, and the mixing ratio can reach 5:1, that is, 5 liters of air and 1 liter of water are mixed. It is estimated that to achieve the same cleaning effect, the shower using the air/water flow mixing technology can save 10% more water than the traditional shower. Water-saving bathtub keywords: Taking into account both water consumption and comfort For families who pursue water-saving effects, when choosing a bathtub, consumers cannot choose the size of the bathtub only based on the size of the bathroom, but should choose according to the actual conditions of the user. A bathtub that balances water consumption and comfort. Some sanitary ware manufacturers have launched water-saving bathtubs in a timely manner, mainly relying on the reasonable matching of length, width and height to adjust the volume to achieve water saving. The length of the water-saving bathtub is generally 1.5 meters (about the sitting length of an adult), and the high-rise is often deeper than the ordinary bathtub, between 50cm and 70cm. Moreover, the design of the water-saving bathtub conforms to the functional line of the sitting posture of the human body, so that a large amount of water will not be lost to achieve the purpose of water saving. It saves about 20% of water than ordinary bathtubs, but it can also make bathers feel comfortable. Due to the small area of u200bu200bthe bottom of the bathtub, this bathtub is easier to stand than the general bathtub, so it is especially suitable for the elderly and children.

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