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No makeup, put some makeup on your bathroom-bathroom, makeup

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-25

Most of the bathrooms have nothing to do with warmth. They generally feel refreshing in summer and cold in winter. It is less monotonous than the living room, and less lively than the bedroom. In fact, if you want to make the bathroom fresh and interesting, you can achieve your goal with a little thought. The white sanitary ware and solid wood bathroom cabinet make the bathroom full of clean and fresh feeling. The shower curtain is not a complicated pattern, but a silhouette-like black flower shadow, matched with a lavender flower heart, giving people a mysterious and romantic feeling. The sparse shadows are slanted horizontally, the water is clear and shallow, and the dark fragrance floats in the moon and dusk. It is the shadow of the flower that reflects the beautiful feeling in the water. The silhouette-like print makes the white shower curtain full of swaying beauty, making the sparkling bathroom seem to linger with a faint fragrance. The combination of white and purple is quite elegant. In the bathroom, purple cloth is used to decorate, giving people a high and elegant feeling. The pillars of the washbasin cabinet are also carved with craftsmanship imitating the shape of Roman columns, adding an elegant style to the bathroom. Wei Ziyao, Huang Ningxiaolu, Guoyan Natural. Wei Zi Yao Huang is a more expensive peony variety. It uses bright colors and purple flowers as the pattern of the shower curtain to make the bathroom look more luxurious. For the admirers of pastoral style, the scene depicted in 'Peach Blossom Land' is exactly what they expect from home. The beauty of the peach blossoms depicted in fresh light blue turns the white bathroom into a tranquil paradise in an instant. The fragrant grass is delicious, and the peach blossoms with colorful fallen flowers, including fertile fields, beautiful ponds, mulberry and bamboo, give people a sense of indifference and tranquility beyond the real world. The scenes depicted in light and elegant blue also calm people's hearts, sweeping away the tired mood of the day. In the bathroom that is already full of white, use a simple white shower curtain to match the fresh and elegant feeling to a good extent, and it is precisely this whiteness that gives people a feeling of comfort and cleanliness. Danji Begins Knowing that Flowers Are Brighter is Baochai's masterpiece of singing white begonias, and it also reflects the fresh, elegant and otherworldly beauty of white. Simple pleated decorations form a circle, blooming like flowers on the shower curtain, adding a unique interpretation to the pastoral romance. This collocation reflects a distinctive and gorgeous style. The flamboyant pink, red, and green are intertwined into a bright and gorgeous spring garden scene, with hundreds of flowers blooming and purple and red. The spring breeze blows on the threshold, and Revlon describes the scene where the flowers are stained with crystal dew, and they look more beautiful. In the bathroom space full of water, after the colorful flowers on the shower curtain are stained with water vapor, it will also appear more gorgeous and moving, showing the warmth and romance of the spring pastoral.

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