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One, stone why need maintenance?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-18

many people who work with stone have a stone is a kind of don't need to maintain the durability of the material. Actually this view is wrong. Because the stone material itself has a natural outstanding physical characteristics - — Water imbibition. Such as unreasonable stacking, packing, transportation and external pollution sources, such as moisture, rain, such as oil and its contact, stone material is susceptible to pollution. Customers often met the problem of pollution are: whiskering, rusty spot, spit yellow, blotch, oil stain, straw rope yellow and weathering, aging, fade in color, luster and wear. The other engineering construction personnel often encounter problems such as water spots don't - — after wet glue phenomenon of watermark are often encounter problems in engineering, and engineering one of the main reason for the dispute.
2, stone why do protective treatment before the shop is?

stone pavement before make processing, protection is the best way to prevent stone in a variety of pathological changes, the use of some waterproof or oil and so on each smear protective glue on the stone surface, its purpose is to isolation of water damage of cement mortar, prevent the water damage of cement slurry infiltration into wall mounted bar countertop material surface stone color, or affect the natural texture and so on, of course, in the process of the shop is stuck also need to stone for seepage control, pollution prevention, electrostatic treatment, etc. , these processing belong to the stone first inoculation, the general in charge of stone installation personnel will be to the processing of stone, consumers only need to supervise, supervision and shop personnel protection of stone processing, stone material itself can be improved the beautiful degree and service life.

stone protective effect related to choose the quality and performance of protective agent. Existing protective agent, according to the material, the type of organic silicon fluoride, resin and acrylic acid, etc. , and organic silicon fluoride with best performance, its permeability is strong, has excellent permeability, chemical resistance and weatherability, stone comprehensive protection. Another stone dry for stone protective effect also plays a decisive role. Guangzhou dongchang shi caihang Suggestions to stone material should be dry, then apply protective agent, besmear again after dry effect is better, otherwise, will affect the effect of protection.

the three waterproof processing, stone why do?

1, protect the stone from the outside world a variety of material erosion and pollution.

2, prevent stone decorative surface of all kinds of stone lesions, in order to keep for a long time, good decorative effect.

3, prevent external moisture and harmful to stone material intrusion in the air, ensure the stone after some years does not change color.

4, prevent wet after construction and after the rain stone face of Yin and Yang, to always show the natural stone material, beautiful texture features, characteristics.

5, prevent stone material surface weathering.

6, make deep penetration inside the stone protective agent, so that the stone is not subject to external corrosion of harmful substances for a long time.

7, resistance to ultraviolet intrusion stone internal damage to the stone in the atmosphere, anti-aging.

4, stone: why do you want to grind?

1, stone from processing to the transportation, construction and installation, the process will inevitably has some wear to the stone, especially in the process of installation, wear and tear is the most polluted.

2, in the process of installation, basically can't install to complete smoothness, with this short of stone grinding machine after grinding roughness as a whole.

3, during the installation process, there will be some space between the stone and stone, extremely easy ooze water or even cause discoloration, the clearance should be timely to fill with stone gap filling agent.

4, after grinding stone grinding machine whole renovation of the new shop stone, above the glossiness can completely meet the national high-class products quality standards. And stone, which can improve the overall aesthetic, brightness, hardness and fouling resistance, thereby fully improve overall high-end sex of stone material. New shop stone used for the first time in stone grinding machine do face-lifting is very necessary, especially for the protective effects of stone is very big, can be very good to prevent the pollution of stone material and damage, so as to improve the whole service life of the stone.
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