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Overall understanding of the overall kitchen and bathroom-all-round, understanding, the overall kitchen and bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-27

More and more people know the fashion and advantages of integral bathrooms, but in fact, there are still many owners who have certain misunderstandings about integral bathrooms. In the eyes of relevant people, most people have two misunderstandings about the whole bathroom: Misunderstanding 1: Some people think that the toilet, basin and bathtub are the whole bathroom. People have become accustomed to American toilets and washbasins, German showers, Italian bathtubs, Japanese tiles, and Chinese bathroom cabinets, but how to coordinate Chinese and Western styles? How to unify classic and modern? Is there only one color or three? There are always so many inconsistencies in a renovated bathroom. Such a bathroom can only be called a patchwork of individual products. Myth 2: Plastic boxes originated in Japan. This is just an image metaphor. The living environment in Japan is very crowded, and all bathroom facilities must be placed in a small space of one or two square meters, so there is a so-called plastic molded integral bathroom. Its whole is mainly because its molded chassis is a whole Yes, with waterproof and leak-proof function. Its low-cost and mass-reproducible features make it mostly used in aircraft and hotel decoration. This kind of bathroom personalization is limited, and it cannot be regarded as an integral bathroom in the true sense. The whole bathroom has gradually become fashionable, but many people have not really realized what the whole bathroom is. What are its characteristics? Is it suitable for home use? The overall bathroom is favored by the decoration owners, mainly because of three advantages: Front: the construction period is shorter The bathroom is the focus of home improvement, and traditional decoration inevitably has to travel around to purchase construction materials and sanitary ware, and laboriously stare at the construction site. However, the overall kitchen and bathroom decoration is in place, using dry construction, no sand and cement, only screws and adhesives. This avoids the trouble caused by wrong material selection and improper decoration during construction, and makes people have the fun of DIY. It takes two people half a day to a day to complete the work, which greatly shortens the construction period. Second: Reasonable structure First of all, the overall bathroom pursues a more efficient use of space in the structural design. Even if the bathroom at home is less than 2 square meters, there are corresponding overall bathrooms to choose from. Secondly, the bathtub and the bottom plate of the whole bathroom are molded at one time without splicing gaps, which fundamentally solves the problem of easy water leakage on the ground of ordinary bathrooms that has troubled many families. Finally, the whole kitchen and bathroom is a complete product, which is completely designed according to ergonomic principles, which is more reasonable than the traditional kitchen and bathroom decoration. Scientific design and exquisite workmanship complement each other, which can be reflected even in small places. For example, the bathroom facilities in the overall bathroom have no faulty structure and are easy to clean. Third: The floor, wall, ceiling, bathtub, etc. of the overall bathroom are mostly made of SMC composite materials. SMC is a special material for aircraft and spaceships in the current market. And excellent characteristics such as long service life. Compared with ordinary bathroom walls, it is easy to absorb moisture, and the surface is rough and difficult to clean. The advantages of the overall bathroom are quite obvious.

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