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Overview and Characteristics of China's Aging Population-China,Aging Population

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-30

Due to changes in age, physical condition, etc., people may become slightly or severely disabled after walking into old age. Helping the elderly to eliminate behavioral obstacles in their lives and designing barrier-free residential spaces have become the current The society is paying more and more attention to the problem, and will become a key factor affecting the development of residential design in China. 1 General situation of China's aging population In China, the age of 60 represents the beginning of old age, and the United Nations determines the aging society standard. Yes: the population over 65 years old accounts for 7% of the total population. According to the 2002 population survey conducted by China's Population Information Research Center, China has entered an aging society in 2000. It is estimated that by 2020, China's population aged 65 and over will be The number will reach more than 11% of the total population, and this proportion will climb to 21.81% by 2050.

China's population aging trend

2 Physical characteristics of the elderly Motor function In old age, the range of motion of people will change greatly compared with that of young adults. The breathing function will also be weakened, and the reflex ability and balance ability for dangerous movements will also be reduced, and dangers such as accidental collisions are prone to occur. In many cases, this reduction in motor function is accompanied by senile diseases. Sensory function is generally old Human sensory function declines in the order of vision, hearing, and smell. As age continues to grow, vision will continue to decline. Especially the ability to adapt to dim light, the ability to respond to light, and the ability to adjust the distance of sight will be further weakened. When not only the visual acuity drops sharply, but also the ability to recognize color and brightness begins to decline, it will inevitably affect the daily life of the elderly. At the same time, the hearing of the elderly will also begin to decline, especially for high The hearing loss of high-frequency sound will be relatively large. The elderly who are in the state of hearing loss are prone to feel lonely in social life. When the psychological function enters the stage of old age, various functions of the human body decline, and the response begins to be slow. When cognitive ability, memory, judgment When mental functions such as physical strength and logical thinking ability decline, the elderly will clearly feel their own aging. Over time, they will easily feel the threat of death, which will lead to loneliness, loneliness, doubts, fears and other reactions. Long-term living habits And work habits, determine that the habitual psychology of the elderly is very stubborn. Therefore, once the elderly form a bad habitual psychology, it is very difficult to change.

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