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Pay attention to details to buy high-quality bathroom products

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-16

Bathroom decoration In addition to floor and wall tiles, the purchase of sanitary ware is also a big deal. The number of sanitary ware that needs to be placed in a small bathroom can be quite large, and each sanitary ware selection needs to pay attention to different details. Therefore, it is better to do some understanding before visiting the building materials market, so as not to know how to distinguish the quality from the various sanitary wares in the building materials market. The choice of washbasin should consider the size of the bathroom area. If the area of u200bu200bthe bathroom is small, the column basin is generally purchased. If the bathroom is large, the washbasin is generally purchased and the countertop is matched. In addition to the shape of the basin, more attention should be paid to the quality of the glazed surface, because a good glazed surface is not dirty, the surface is easy to clean, and it is still bright as new after long-term use. When choosing, you can look at the light and observe from the side of the ceramic from multiple angles. A good glaze should have no stains, small holes, blisters and air bubbles, and the surface is very smooth.

When buying a bathtub, pay attention to the material selection of the bathtub. Generally speaking, ordinary steel bathtubs are easy to clean and have a simple shape; acrylic bathtubs have richer shapes, but shorter lifespans and are not easy to clean after aging; cast iron bathtubs have long service lives, high grades, higher prices, and more troublesome handling and installation. When buying a toilet, in addition to the shape of the product itself, the first thing to pay attention to is the wall distance of the toilet (the wall distance of the toilet refers to the distance between the center of the pipe outlet and the back wall). Standard wall distances are generally divided into two types: 305 mm and 400 mm. In addition, pay attention to the flushing method and water consumption when purchasing a toilet. There are two common flushing methods for toilets: flush and siphon. Generally speaking, flush toilets are more noisy and smelly. The siphon toilet is a silent toilet, with a high water seal, which is not easy to smell. Although it is a small piece, it should not be sloppy when purchasing. When purchasing, pay attention to the quality of the valve core, the quality of the manufacturing material and the surface treatment, as well as its adaptability to water quality and whether it saves water. Generally, the high-quality products are imported ceramic valve cores, preferably from Italy and Germany, which are accurate and wear-resistant and have a long service life. It does take a lot of energy to choose a satisfactory one among the numerous bathroom products, but in order to create a comfortable and warm home, this process cannot be ignored.

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