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Pick Durable Bathroom Fixtures - Pick Durable, Bathroom Fixtures

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-25

Bathtub The bathtub is made of materials such as FRP glass fiber, CMC ceramic matrix composite material, acrylic and so on. In terms of styles, there are two types: separate type and built-in type. The selection and installation of separate bathtubs should focus on the size of the bathroom. In addition, it is necessary to make sure that the drain outlet and the hot and cold water inlets are connected by pipelines. The bathtub needs to be paid more attention to the construction. First, check whether the bathtub body is attached to the wall. If there is, the floor tiles must be laid first, and then the bathtub is installed and the gap is filled with Silicom. It is time-consuming and troublesome to support the wall. Stand-alone bathtubs Most of the stand-alone bathtubs are sleek and pleasing in appearance, and are relatively easy to install, but it is still necessary to pay attention to the connection of the water inlet and outlet and the shower head for the bath to be installed on the bathtub body or the wall. Bottom-mounted bathtub Most of the massage bathtubs that many people like are bottom-mounted, so the bathroom space should be enough, and the brick wall should be built for support, and remember to keep maintenance holes for easy maintenance. If you choose a built-in bathtub, even a massage bathtub, it is better to have a maintenance hole. Once there is a problem, it is convenient to check where the problem lies and solve it. Water, shower head, shower tower, shower shower head All the water outlet equipment in the bathroom can be said to have the finishing touch. It is not only necessary, but also has a variety of shapes, and it is the key to creating a bathroom space taste, but it is still an old saying, before paying attention to beauty It is still necessary to rely on the needs of life, so that it is not in vain. Like water, it has changed from electroplated metal in the early days to today's ceramic material, with more variability and longer service life. However, we remind you to pay more attention to the quality and smoothness of the ceramic core when the switch is rotated to ensure that it will not last for a long time. A blocking condition will occur. Next, you need to pay special attention to the height of the shower and shower tower. You might as well measure the distance between the sky and the ground in your bathroom, at least 210 cm, and also consider the height ratio of the family members, so that after the shower is installed, people will not bump their heads when taking a shower. ; As for the shower column, since the height of the hot and cold water outlet is generally about 80 cm, the installation height should also be calculated. Whether it is a ceiling shower or a shower tower, you must pay special attention to two things when installing, one is the height, and the other is the water pressure. As long as these two are no problem, you can enjoy the shower. Wall-mounted shower head Most of the shower heads launched by manufacturers now have the top spray function, in addition to enjoying a similar shower effect. To measure the water pressure, you can purchase a water pressure meter from the water and electricity company, or ask the manufacturer to measure it at home. Generally, the water pressure of 1 to 2kgf/cm2 is required for the shower head and shower head, and then the shower column with massage effect is at least The water pressure of 2.5kgf/cm2 is required to cope with multiple water outlets without causing uneven flow.

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