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Post-80s workplace newcomers invite you to draw workplace experiences-post-80s, workplace newcomers, workplace experiences

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-12

It's another year of recruiting season. Netizen @ Pig Very Thin recommended a set of small and fresh workplace comics to @ Qianjiang Evening News: a piece of incisive workplace experience, plus a simple comic, people can't help but laugh and learn a lot of experience. The style of this group of simple strokes is very refreshing, very cartoon style of Dao Dao Dog. In the painting, there is often a boy with slightly longer hair who likes to wear floral trousers. As a rookie in the workplace, he sometimes hangs three bars as the captain of the Young Pioneers and fights with the alarm clock; Running; sometimes burying himself in a pile of books, only showing his arms to draw all kinds of embarrassment when he first entered the workplace. The reporter learned that the comic author @小飞hang is uncomfortable and painful. His real name is Xu Yuhang. He just graduated from Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics and is currently working in a design company. He used his spare time to draw a lot of stick figures. He likes to play Weibo, and he uploaded the paintings to the Internet, which he did not expect to attract a lot of people's attention. Xu Yuhang said that the boy in the painting was himself. Do you also want to complain about your work life, living too much, getting up too early, having too little money, and the boss is too fierce? From now on, complain about your work life on Weibo @ Hangzhou QuanSearch, and Xu Yuhang will use this as a material to create a customized sketch for you. @美美美不思思: Excited + mulberry sense + dizzy, all kinds of incoherent words, are your paintings talking about me? @小鸡肉: I've been working for five years, and when I read these comics again, I think of myself when I first joined the job, and I miss it. @吉吉暄: How come you can think of things to draw every day in your mind, it makes my brain freeze.

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