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Quality women's exquisite life makes the bathroom unique-bathroom space, bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-18

The bathroom is a good place for us to relieve fatigue and relax our body and mind. Therefore, many people attach great importance to the creation of bathrooms in terms of color and style. In addition to the necessary functions, the visual beauty of the bathroom space is also becoming more and more important. focus on. Diversification of heaven and earth wall materials When it comes to the heaven and earth walls of the bathroom, people always think of ceramic tiles or mosaics that were popular in previous years. In fact, the materials that can be used in bathrooms are far more than these two. Because the bathroom is humid, people always think of waterproof and moisture-proof and easy to clean when decorating. In fact, the current waterproof wall paint can fully meet our expectations of bringing more colors and plane effects into the bathroom. Solid wood materials can also achieve the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof, coupled with the diversification of tile types, and the abundance of various retro and patterned tiles, so that we can choose the materials of the heaven and earth walls in the bathroom space. creative. Bathroom equipment is no longer monotonous If you only had a white head when choosing the bathtub, toilet, and washbasin in the bathroom in the past, you can't be outdated now. Because sanitary ware designers at home and abroad have already used their brains, hand-painted basins and bathtubs with gold patterns have begun to appear on the market. Recently, a flower-shaped toilet that has become popular in Korea is even more amazing. The shape of the toilet designed in the shape of various flowers such as cow flower, tulip, and phalaenopsis is really vivid, and the design concept can be called an alternative! Toilets can bloom, what else can't our bathrooms do? In the home life, the bathroom needs colors and patterns, and we need our desire to be brilliant, but the overall vision needs to be suitable for shades, otherwise it will cause a messy feeling. Grasp of degree, even if you don't want to follow the rules, is the key to the overall beauty. Generally speaking, if the color of the environment is relatively light and elegant, the bathroom equipment will have a finishing touch. If the color of the environment is more, and the materials used are more diverse, then the three-piece set should be a little more disciplined. Huahua bathroom lets us bid farewell to the monotonous bathing era, and the improvement of life quality and self-care demands are more fully and thoroughly in the small bathroom space.

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