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Relevant people's advice: What problems should I pay attention to when installing Yuba? - Yuba, installation, bathroom design

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-23

With the improvement of living conditions, people no longer go to the public bathroom to take a bath, and they can rinse or take a bath at home as they like. However, the weather is cold in winter, and it is difficult for the indoor temperature to reach the level of bathing. Therefore, Yuba, which can instantly increase the temperature in the bathing range, is loved by people, and most families choose to install Yuba. No, Mr. Wang, a citizen, bought a Yuba when he renovated the bathroom to increase the temperature of the bathroom when taking a shower. He believes that it is worthwhile to spend a few hundred yuan to buy a Yuba, and it will be much more convenient to take a bath in winter. Decoration tips: For consumers who have purchased Yuba, some problems need to be paid attention to during the installation process: 1. Installation location: Yuba should be installed directly above the bathroom, because there is a separate lighting lamp on the Yuba, so The installation can make the light evenly illuminate all corners of the bathroom, and there is no need to turn on additional lights. If it is only for taking a bath, you can install the Yuba above the bathroom, and you will not feel cold when facing the Yuba. 2. Factory installation: At present, when some families are renovating, in order to facilitate the construction, the carpenter or electrician of the decoration company will install the Yuba at will. Due to the lack of installation knowledge, it is easy to install in place, and the machine may burn in serious cases. If the damage is caused by not installing it according to the instructions, the manufacturer will not guarantee it. Therefore, it is better to be installed by the professionals of the manufacturer. It should be noted that you must negotiate with the dealer when purchasing Yuba, and the manufacturer will be responsible for on-site installation, otherwise you will have to pay the installation fee. 3. Fixed switch: Yuba is in a humid environment. After the switch is heated, leakage may occur, and the switch contacts are also prone to rust and oxidation. Therefore, the switch needs to be fixed on the wall to prevent the power cord from being subjected to excessive pulling force during use. , but also can effectively prevent water splashing. 4. Waterproof and splash: Although the Yuba has a good splash-proof function, it should try to avoid places where water splashes during installation, because the Yuba will reach a very high temperature when it is in use. There will be some damage in the water, which will affect its service life, but the steam in the bathroom will not affect the performance of the Yuba. 5. Do not install on the aluminum gusset: Yuba cannot be directly installed on the aluminum gusset with screws. Because after the aluminum gusset is hung, the closed space at the top will form a resonance cavity. No matter how good the mute effect of the Yuba is, it will emit a certain sound. This sound will be amplified many times in the resonance cavity, thus appearing humming sound.

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