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Relevant people tell you what to look for when buying a Yuba- Yuba, buy

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-05

In recent years, Yuba has become a new favorite in winter bathrooms. There are many brands of Yuba, such as Aopu, Mingzu, Zhengbiao, Aoxing, etc., and the price ranges from more than 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan, which is dazzling. How can I choose a high-quality Yuba? One is the mask. The high-quality products are made of imported plastic materials, which can withstand high temperature and have good flame retardant performance. Inferior products use mixed plastics, which have poor high temperature resistance and are easy to deform and burn under long-term high temperature conditions. If you choose inferior products, there is a fire hazard. The second is infrared heating lamps. High-quality products are made of hard explosion-proof glass, and each heating lamp has undergone strict safety testing and is marked with the manufacturer's logo to show responsibility. Fake and inferior products use brand-name inferior products. The use of inferior product bulbs has poor lighting effect and short lifespan. The third is the motor. The high-quality products use imported silicon steel sheets as raw materials, and are equipped with imported thermostatic safety switches, which can automatically trip when overheating and voltage instability, with good safety. Inferior products use non-standard steel sheets as raw materials and do not have thermostatic switches. Inferior products, if used for a long time or forget to turn off, are prone to motor burnout and fire. The fourth is the lamp holder. The high-quality products use double helix lamp caps and full conjoined porcelain bases, which are safe, reliable and superior in performance. The inferior product is that the lamp cap and the bulb are glued together, which is easy to fall off at high temperature and the conductive ring of the porcelain seat is not connected. The use of inferior products, repeated thermal expansion and contraction, and deformation of the conductive ring, may easily cause the lamp cap to fall off and hurt people.

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