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Reveal a little about the effort to buy high-quality bathroom through the surface - through the surface, buy, high-quality bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-22

The decoration of the bathroom involves complex water circuit transformation. Although the area is not very large, it cannot be neglected in the decoration. Water purchase: try to save water and protect the environment Although water is small in size, it plays an important role in the home. The key to selecting water is mainly in the following three aspects: Valve core: This is the heart of water. Now both hot and cold water use ceramic valve cores, but the valve cores cannot be seen when purchased, so there are plastics mixed in the market. , iron, etc. Even the ceramic ones are good and bad. So be clear when choosing. This is directly related to the service life of the water. Material: The high-quality brass used by Good Water is the main material. Home improvement is the part that is in direct contact with the water source and directly affects water sanitation. Brass is a more suitable metal material, which is anti-corrosion, harmless and sterilizing. Note that it is high-quality brass, not as long as it is a brass material. Electroplating process: The surface of water is generally ground, electroplated and polished for many times. When selecting, the qualified standard is light, no bubbles, no defects and no scratches. Ordinary water only has a coating of more than 10 microns, the purpose is to prevent rust, beautiful, and guarantee the service life. When selecting, press the surface with your finger, and the fingerprint will disperse quickly, indicating that the coating is good; the more the fingerprint is printed, the worse it is. Pay attention to the coating of the corners and rounded corners, these details can be very good to see whether the plating process is reasonable. Basin purchase: pay attention to wash basins with a general overflow. There will be an overflow near the upper edge of the basin. When a good wash basin is in the process of discharging water, once the water level reaches the overflow, the excess water will quietly follow the overflow. into the drain. If you buy a washbasin with poor quality, the water will not flow smoothly along the overflow when it reaches the overflow, and it will fill the basin or even flow to the ground, making the floor wet and dirty. Therefore, when buying a wash basin, be sure to try the water several times to see if the overflow can work properly. Toilet purchase: pay attention to the slippery discharge opening When purchasing toilets, many owners pay more attention to whether the appearance is beautiful and whether the seat is comfortable to sit on. These two points are only superficial. In fact, when the toilet is flushed, it is more important whether the dirt can be flushed away smoothly. When consumers buy, they usually test the effect of flushing, but the fact that tap water can flush out smoothly does not mean that dirty things can also be flushed away smoothly. When purchasing, in addition to checking whether the flushing is fast and powerful enough, it is better to check whether the bottom of the discharge opening is slippery enough. You might as well reach into the bottom of the discharge opening and touch it to see if the glaze distribution there is even and slippery. If it is found to be rough , when used in the future, the excretion of dirt can easily cause blockage.

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