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Screw pump is indispensable equipment in the vacuum coating equipment

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-23

we will introduce you to the screw vacuum pump in the application of the coating equipment. In the past ten years, due to the continuous improvement of the domestic economy and the improvement of people's living standards, greatly influenced the position and role of the coating industry in the national economy. Domestic market is more and more high to the requirement of coating products, market demand is growing. Vacuum technology application domain, including electronics, aerospace technology, the accelerator, surface physics, microelectronics, material science, medicine, chemical industry, industrial and agricultural production and daily life, etc. The application of vacuum coating is a branch of applied vacuum, in optical, electronic, physical and chemical equipment, packaging, machinery and has been widely used in surface treatment technology.

vacuum coating of the main methods are:

vacuum sputtering: when high-energy particles, Cations accelerated by electric field) Hit a solid surface, they exchange energy with the atoms and molecules on the surface, these atoms and molecules spatter.

vacuum evaporation: to heat and form a thin film materials in vacuum evaporation, with its deposition on the surface of the right.

the advantages of the dry screw vacuum pump 1, the working chamber and the screw rotor surface have corrosion resistant coating, can adapt to the harsh conditions.

2, gas compressed in the pump, not suitable for the extraction of non-condensable gas.

3, no fuel consumption, no drop.

4, simple structure, convenient maintenance.

5, the gases pumped directly from the pump body, do not pollute the water, there is no pressure environment, easier to recycle gas.

screw vacuum pump is the indispensable equipment in the production of vacuum coating equipment. Its main function is to control the temperature of the coating machine, to ensure the quality and production efficiency of plated parts. Its application can avoid the environmental temperature for cooling water and cooling tower, and make sure the coating machine and high precision, high efficiency. The vacuum pump cooling effect also directly affect the quality of the products. With the rapid development of the vacuum coating industry, high quality, high efficiency of screw pump has become a vacuum coating manufacturer attaches great importance to production equipment.

coating equipment of screw pump is an important part of the coating industry. No advanced and efficient coating machine, no modern coating industry. Compared with the traditional chemical coating and coating of water and electricity, vacuum ion coating material is under the vacuum condition by plasma deposition on the surface of the workpiece, and solve the chemical coating, non-toxic pollution-free solution pollution problem. Matrix; Coating of the higher hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance is better, more stable performance. Coated carbide cutting tools, for instance, service life can be increased from 2 to 10 times; Process temperature can be controlled in 150 - Below 500 ° C, suitable for a variety of substrate materials, can produce a variety of layer. Therefore, since the 1950 s, chemical coating has been replaced with the vacuum coating, vacuum coating is more in line with the development direction of modern green manufacturing. Vacuum coating is an inevitable trend in the development of coating industry. Screw vacuum pump application in coating equipment has drawn great attention of the world manufacturing industry.

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