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Sheet, plate, plate how to distinguish?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-14
Is to use the thin solid surface sheets for sale and ceramic tile stick together is compound floor ~ ~ 1 high strength, not an alkali brick stone fragile, easy cracking along the texture FanJian, toughness is poor. Composite stone changed the above shortcomings, the overall strength higher than that of the brick stone. 2, light weight, easy construction of composite wall mounted bar countertop in the lighter, can be directly with tile construction method, can greatly reduce breakage rate and installation cost. After 3 color less natural stone cutting thin plate, wall mounted bar countertop material utilization rate greatly increased. Poor plank was greatly reduced. So make the stone more natural, more beautiful 4 environmental protection. Cost savings. Lower the price to use wall mounted bar countertop composite panels can be reduced, the exploitation of protecting nature. Each transport due to unit weight is lighter, handling cost reduced. Taken together, is much lower than with the brick stone varieties, can also enjoy natural stone art. 5. Moisture proof. Flame retardant. Sound insulation and heat insulation
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