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Shi Li stones at nanning china-asean expo

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-10
On September 24th September 21 solstice, natural marble manufacturer at nanning china-asean expo, booth no. 2 D area, invites each big stone to come over to visit. On September 24th September 21 solstice, natural solid surface sheets for sale manufacturer at nanning china-asean expo, booth no. 2 D area, invites each big stone to come over to visit. The annual China - Asean expo is coming to 'build One Belt And One Road, drawing together cooperation vision' as the theme of the 16th - China Asean expo - on September 21 On September 24, was held in nanning international convention and exhibition center this year east expo, flourishing high industrial zone and just for you to reveal prosperous high industrial exhibition hall in advance what are the hotspot, read ahead of time for everyone ~ a; New design aspect, this exhibition, the swan high industrial park has changed the design style of the pavilion, from cultivating 'industrial tree') protects the concept of the 'industry' Lin, upstream to the downstream industry chain one by one to show the stone material of calcium carbonate from hits the 'industrial' trees stretching out a piece of 'industry' Lin, also the significance of congratulation state stone material the development of calcium carbonate is increasingly vigorous vitality. Point 2: the rich stone material calcium carbonate on the choice of upstream and downstream products in the product, the swan high industrial zone from a natural stone material, coarse whiting powder 'mining in a coating are derived, plastic waste pulp waste reuse' the green recycling industry chain, preparing calcium carbonate upstream and downstream of the rich variety of natural stone products, let everybody to congratulation state stone have a more profound understanding and the understanding of calcium carbonate. Third point: with the 'stone' turned into gold, on the choice of stone material exhibits, this product also does not have, whether Shi Li stones, stone cattle pond stone natural stone series, or close source group series are derived, is with the 'stone' in, don't have some kind of scenery, as high industrial exhibition hall also enhance 'stone'. Popular high industrial zone the exhibition, prosperous high industrial park management committee organization in advance, plan ahead of time. At present, the exhibition hall layout work has been completed, looking forward to the 'stone' to shine on the east expo.
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