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Shi Lifang teach you how to distinguish natural marble and marble tiles

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-11
Natural marble and marble tile is the main difference between; Natural marble stone, marble tiles belongs to the ceramic tile. Natural marble is the real thing, marble tile belongs to high imitation series. Natural marble and marble tile is the main difference between; Natural marble stone, marble tiles belongs to the ceramic tile. Natural marble is the real thing, marble tile belongs to high imitation series. So do you have any clear natural marble and marble tile contrast difference? 1; Green environmental protection in the aspect of environmental health, imitation marble tile main ingredients for gravel as filler for granite or marble, with cement, gypsum and unsaturated poly ester resin as adhesive, classics agitate is made after forming, grinding and polishing, more or less will be mixed in the process of its production of various chemicals. And marble in sedimentary rocks, mainly composed of carbonate minerals, from the marble formation geological process analysis, the formation of natural marble and no radioactive substances directly close union. Through the precision cutting, grinding polishing process, will be the 100% pure stone displayed in front of you. Green environmental protection, harmful to human body is extremely low. 2; Quality for sex in the process of using, imitation marble distance like ceramic tile, looking nearly is lack of spirit, and even can see traces of artificial printing. And natural marble texture is very good, even if you take a magnifying glass to carefully study will feel enjoyable, exquisite and clearly show the wonderful nature. Luxury atmosphere, grain nature clever, simple sense like nature itself, more pursuit is a natural beauty. It is this natural existence is artificial materials incomparable. What this is for high profile sites can't see the trace of high imitation marble tile, really understand the taste of the consumer, how can we allow the existence of high copy. If a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the lack of a marble, may also lack of luxury. Natural marble is the world's only gray is a big reason stone cutting, each a block of marble with a separate 'id card', a no copy lines, one cannot replace the jade. 3; Its texture is imitation marble tiles of the assembly line to produce industrial products, such as unable to escape the stamp of the machine operation, because each have two pieces of 9 pieces of ceramic tile is 99% of similar height. And the so-called 'imitation solid surface sheets for sale tile', its operation is naked the reproduction process of picking for high precision scanning to obtain high quality and beautiful marble pattern, then copy through industrial inkjet printing technology in ceramic tile body, thus forming the surface texture of marble tiles. However, the texture is doomed to be dull, without aura. beauty, first of all, reflected in its unique natural texture, and each a fine lines, each a mark, carries traces the evolution of nature, whether it is a fossil, unusual or more common marble, its in the process of formation, have extraordinary in the past, or tragic, or slow, or quiet, will be reflected on the grain. 4. Service life, high plasticity in historic buildings at home and abroad, from ancient Greek and Roman temple to medieval European aristocrats castle, mostly related to marble. And copy marble texture is the surface of ceramic tile glaze, after grinding damage beyond repair, can dismantle all the shop is stuck again. After drawing chamfering processing, such as natural marble, still can keep beautiful decorative pattern, and copy marble tiles to remove surface pattern, show the body affect the whole beautiful. At the same time, not only can be used for marble floor, shop wall adornment, also can be made into the product that defend bath, tea table, kitchen countertops, art, furnishing articles, even dining utensils and so on. In the hand of stylist, marble evolved into a kind of material, under the creative inspiration of the drive, have been fashioned into all kinds of objects is closely related to life. tile effect natural marble effect
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