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Shunyuan white marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-12
Ya 'an in sichuan province of China has the world's best white marble marble mineral resources, treasure xingxian shunyuan marble development co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as' shunyuan marble) Through mining, processing and marble, white marble to high-grade construction home and abroad to provide first-class quality of the white solid surface sheets marble plates, profiles and other building materials and the world's top carved acrylic countertops material and product, is the medium and high-end white marble marble construction materials providers, is the only global high-end carved white marble stone suppliers. 1, the company has its own mines, large output, product quality is stable. 2, factory processing capacity is big, has a frame saw 5, polishing line 2, 7 infrared bridge cutting machines, can meet the requirements of batch processing. 3, plate library can deposit of about 60000 ㎡ large plate, white marble for the demand of customers to choose. Company has its own two high quality white marble mine, its seven main products are: baoxing white, xingxian shunyuan white solid surface sheets development co. , LTD, gold, white jade, jade landscapes, blue sky, white and blue jade, sunset carbuncle. The mining area of 1. 3112 square kilometers. Mine with the method of 'platform, mechanization, with international level of diamond mining beaded wire saw, improve the yield and quality of acrylic countertops material, improve resource utilization. Annual production capacity of 50000 cubic meters of waste material, concrete production, uniform design and color, can satisfy the requirements of the largest acrylic countertops supply.
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