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Sichuan province and the county party committee secretary of the deep mining enterprises to carry out the marble mine underground mining experimental exploration projects investigation research

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-20
On May 20, sichuan province xingxian county wei secretary acrylic countertops health into three hing company, auspicious treasure xingxian sea company to carry out the solid surface sheets mining underground mining experimental exploration project research work, the field view and understand the marble mining underground mining experimental process, implementation schedules, security risk, and so on and so forth. health stressed that always thinking idea of safety in production line and the bottom line, always work safety in production in the first position, attaches great importance to the accident hidden governance, resolutely to all kinds of production safety accidents in the bud, on the premise of ensuring security in accordance with the law in accordance with the rules of marble ore mining underground mining experimental project. health requirements, to practice the concept of 'green water castle peak is the jinshan silver', steadily push forward the implementation of the work in different stages of the project, the way to test drive the solid surface sheets industry innovation and development, the county has good treasure xingxian marble mine underground mining lead exemplary role, inject new vitality to the county economy green development, widen the channel of the new. County safety bureau, bureau of land and resources, water authority, accompanied by related township, head of research
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