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Sir White with white marble decorative effect

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-01
2019 home decoration first choice solid surface sheets for sale white marble stone as Sir, used for background wall, kitchen, bathroom, stair scene, such as unique natural texture and was deeply loved by consumers, Sir White and white marble texture and color on have many similarities, no matter from price or adornment effect has its own advantages. Sir White marble from Greece, the domestic market price is around 700 / square to 1200 / square, Sir, of course, also have some domestic marble and white alike, its price is lower than import jazz white. Sir Dining white and white price is lower than, the sky was a fish-belly grey than white, moderate price, is the rational consumer choice for many consumers think. Sir Belong to white rule model wavy lines, decorative pattern is given priority to with gray, the background is milky white, fine grain structure, specular gloss was 95%, and the using field there is a panel, lavabo, sculpture, background wall, etc. Physical properties of density, hardness, water absorption, compression, bending and white stone were similar, most used for interior decoration. White stone pattern has grey lines, Huang Wen, colorful pattern variety, from different mine mouth of marbling is large. White is the floorboard of hezhou numerous varieties of white marble. Because the product variety, no matter from the aspects of marketing or sales are relatively difficult to breakthrough, designers tend to like the same stone, can guarantee the unity of the market and design. More white white marble
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