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Siwei Sanitary Ware reminds you of the tips for bathroom purchase-Siwei Sanitary Ware, buy bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-28

The bathroom has always been defined as the scale of human civilization, and after thousands of years of development, the bathroom facilities that decorate the bathroom have gradually formed a culture, An expression of life and values. However, as a household product that is frequently used and very high in daily use, the internal quality of bathroom is still the key to choosing bathroom products. Good quality bathroom products are not only more comfortable, more assured and more worry-free to use, but also more beneficial to you and you. The physical and mental health of the family, after all, for everyone, their own health and the health of their family are more important than everything else. Below, please allow me to introduce you some tips for bathroom purchase. Whether you have purchased or will purchase bathroom products, you can use it as a preliminary understanding of daily knowledge, and use this to make better suggestions to your relatives and friends around you. . 1. High-temperature ceramics: no dirt absorption, healthier, more durable, and crisp sound. The firing temperature of high-temperature ceramics is above 1280 degrees, and it is completely sintered. Four-dimensional ceramics are high-temperature ceramics, with a water absorption rate of less than 0.2%, which is better than the international 0.5%, so as to avoid the high water absorption rate of low-temperature ceramics and the breeding of bacteria, glaze discoloration and cracked glaze. When you choose, you can tap it with your hand. The high-temperature ceramics are crisp and the low-temperature ceramics are cloudy. 2. Good ceramic glaze: bright white, smooth, soaking, easy to clean The four-dimensional product glaze is completely vitrified, with good gloss, flat and smooth, full and rich glaze, 1 times thicker than most other products. The glaze surface has strong anti-fouling ability and is easy to clean (this item ranks first in the same industry, has a good reputation, and is recognized by users. Four-dimensional glaze is recognized as a good glaze in the industry.). Siwei Sanitary Ware proposes the concept of returning to white, and the 4D whiteness value reaches 90, which is one of the products with high whiteness in the industry. 3. Good toilet: large diameter, complete flushing at one time, no blockage, saving 300 tons of water in 20 years At present, the flush type is the representative of European products, because the four-dimensional front mold is imported from Germany DURAVIT (Duravit), so DURAVIT (Duravit) and four-dimensional are the representatives of the flush toilet in the industry, and the four-dimensional bathroom flush The diameter of the drop toilet is 70mm. The siphon type is represented by Japan and the United States. At the same time, with the development of Siweijimax's large-pipe technology, Siwei's siphonic toilets have begun to enter the industry. The siphon pipe can reach 51 mm, while the general brand is about 45 mm. 4. In terms of cost performance: the national brand is more realistic The Siwei Sanitary Ware brand is a Chinese brand, certified, China's top ten sanitary ware brands and the drafting unit of the national standard. The equipment is imported from Europe and has long-term cooperation with international brands. However, Siwei refused to make huge profits and gave back to consumers at a real price.

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