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Six practical tips to keep your bathroom clean and sterile

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-11

Teach you a variety of good ways to keep your bathroom truly clean and sterile. Wet bathrooms are more likely to breed bacteria. Keeping your bathroom clean and comfortable takes a little effort.

1. Dehumidification and ventilation are very important: Humidity provides a living environment for bacteria and is the source of bacteria breeding, so it is very important to dehumidify and ventilate the bathroom. In addition to opening the exhaust fan for ventilation when bathing, keeping the air in the bathroom dry and fresh, opening windows for ventilation at ordinary times is also an effective measure. If it is a bathroom without windows, aromatherapy can be used to perform necessary fumigation and sterilization. In the choice of incense, be careful not to point mosquito coils. Sanitary incense and sandalwood can both purify the air, but don't rely too much on them. The most important and effective thing is air circulation. 2. Maintain good hygiene habits: Step forward: After going to the toilet, it is better not to throw the toilet paper in the paper basket, so as to avoid the spread of germs with the air, it should be thrown into the toilet tank and flushed away; if you have to use garbage Cartridges should also choose those with caps to keep them clean to a greater extent. Step 2: Cover the toilet, and then pull the water to flush the toilet to avoid the splash of sewage and the spread of bacteria. Step 3: After the flushing water is completely still, open the toilet lid. Step 4: The yellow stains left on the toilet board and the toilet bowl should be cleaned up in time, in addition to avoiding the spread of bacteria, it can also reduce the smell of the bathroom.

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