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Small fresh bathroom design enjoy natural good mood-small fresh, bathroom design, natural good mood

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-07

Natural bathroom gives people a fresh and natural feeling, allowing people to relax and enjoy comfortably in the bathroom space. The overall tone of grass green, with just the right natural furniture elements such as rattan and bamboo, creates a natural and leisurely bathroom. And some starfish, conch, shellfish decorations are the second fusion of Mediterranean style and the same casual country style.

Small and fresh bathroom design to enjoy the natural good mood

Mosaic is widely used in the bathroom as the wall material, and the sporadic green embellishment makes the bathroom full of vitality. The blue bathtub on the inner wall deduces a very clean bathing space, and a circle of shower curtains on it can express its aesthetic temperament. The light blue bathroom itself is very refreshing in terms of feel. The combination of ordinary white tiles shows the geometric sense and rhythm of the space. The white washbasin and bathroom furniture not only broaden the vision of the space, but also make it more elegant and clean. There is no rigid functional space and layout division for the small bathroom. In the space close to the natural feeling, the uneven stone constitutes the ground, and the enchantment of the shelf has been refined to form a kind of space interest. From the ceiling to the wall to the ground, the entire bathroom is surrounded by blue mosaics. The pure lake blue, combined with the projection of the light and the reflection of the water, makes the bathroom feel like being in a quiet lakeside, and the mood is also relaxed.

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