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Solar Water Heater Beware of 'Lightning'-Solar, Water Heater, Lightning Protection

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-08

The advantages of solar water heaters are obvious. However, due to the particularity of its material and installation location, if the lightning protection measures are improper, once struck by lightning, it will not only cause property damage, but may also lead to lightning into the room, endangering personal safety. Due to the weak safety awareness of some farmers, poor self-prevention ability and scientific lightning protection skills, lightning protection of solar water heaters has become a realistic and urgent problem. Not long ago, the author interviewed a staff member of the Detection Section of the Lightning Protection Center of the Meteorological Bureau. According to him, in most cases, lightning will use the higher point on the ground as a discharge point. When installing a solar water heater, professional construction personnel should select a point for installation. After installation, the location of the water heater cannot be moved without permission; the height of the water heater cannot be It is obviously higher than the lightning protection belt on the building, especially the house with the spire. During the use of solar water heaters, the lightning protection facilities on the roof should be overhauled once a year. Here, the author suggests that the relevant grass-roots departments should include the rural solar lightning protection work in the relevant departments' agenda for the people's practical affairs, and take effective measures to prevent the solar water heater from being struck by lightning, so as to avoid threats to the safety of people's lives and property. and losses. Secondly, as a farmer, you should also improve your awareness of lightning protection and effectively enhance your self-protection ability. If you have a solar water heater at home, you should find a professional to check whether the lightning protection measures for the solar water heater are appropriate, so as to avoid the occurrence of lightning strikes on the solar water heater due to unscientific installation. .

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