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Some tips for bathroom lighting selection-bathroom, bathroom lighting

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-19

In the decoration room, many people like to use a combination of clean, bright and color-changing lamps, but even brighter lamps cannot replace the light source. At the same time, the light source in the bathroom should not be too sufficient, otherwise it will make this private space too bright, which will make people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, in the decoration of the bathroom, the configuration of the light source is very important. The following points should be paid attention to: First of all, the bathroom with a large space can choose to install wall lamps, and use indirect lighting to create a strong lighting effect. Install a downlight on the top of the toilet, bathtub and shower, so that every key part can have bright lights. In addition, there is no need to install special ceiling lights, otherwise it will make people feel dazzling. A bathroom with a larger area can also be equipped with a glass shower door, a shower curtain with a small space is also good, or make a groove in the ceiling on the side where it is placed, and choose the type of light source you like, but it is better to avoid it. Too harsh color. From the structural configuration point of view, most of the bath columns are equipped with soft lights near the top nozzles, and there is no need to install lights in the shower area. Even if the shower curtain blocks some of the lights, the lighting in the bath will not be affected. Secondly, the small area bathroom should install the lamps in the center of the ceiling, so that it can shine and give the space a sense of expansion. Large bathrooms can be fitted with downlights above the bidet and washbasin, and make-up lights around the mirrors for an elegant and welcoming look. The lighting fixtures of the bathroom mirror should be installed above the eyes and arranged symmetrically. Integrated lighting can use wall lamps, ceiling lamps, recessed lamps, etc. In addition, lamps must have reliable waterproof and safety. The appearance shape and color can be selected according to your own interests and hobbies, but it must be coordinated with the overall layout. Finally, at home, the bathroom is another private space except the bathroom. Therefore, the shaping of bathroom space is very important, not only to achieve functional application, but also to achieve reasonable use of space color and lighting. In terms of lamp type selection, generally incandescent lamps should be selected as a whole, and a separate lighting lamp must be set next to the vanity mirror. Some families set a circle of small spotlights around the mirror. Although beautiful, the spotlights are slightly less waterproof and are only suitable for bathroom spaces where dry and wet are separated.

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