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Statues of stone is a analysis of the procurement process

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-12
Treasure xingxian shunyuan marbles procurement process analysis of the acrylic countertops block 1, purchasing schedule to purchasing, we should confirm our purchasing schedule with supplier immediately and to leave enough time in mine of choose and buy, also has the certain time, also put forward to suppliers arrange accommodation in places near mine, generally not more than 1 hour drive. Because the supply situation of mining are changing frequently, in that case, we will be able to master their own time, flexible arrangements for their own procurement schedule, can arrange as much time in mine, should have in mine, long rather than being the other party by the nose, around the mine shifts and fatigue. Eastlands feeling, can purchase to good product is a problem. The author thinks that and must hold, waiting for a long time of preparation, to purchase to the appropriate block, where a guns in a guerilla style, procurement is less than ideal. 2, mine inspection for product we want to buy, to accomplish know fairly well, want to have their own independent, when he saw the waste material, to the quality of the batch of waste material, value, there will be a correct judgment. For value or the value of the block, immediately set off to shoot out, for the poor quality of the waste material with high price, don't offer them by the supplier, to resolutely refused to purchase. For suppliers and owners, of course, is to sell off all of his block, son is handsome? And each to a group of customers, especially the new customers, they often showed us that such bad some ore or waste material, and the decrease of temptation we do ( The size of the price also not) , because for the mine, the waste material with poor sales go out, can realize the money collecting, can limit the implementation of the profit, for the agent, this kind of goods, the owner to his low prices, their profits. At this time we will resolutely refused, don't fall for it, be sure to watch the goods first, otherwise would rather in mine waiting for new stock to come out, if the time is long, still can ask for help in the local rent, so that we can diy in the alien land to cook delicious Chinese food. On the inspection techniques, solid surface sheets is easier, because solid surface sheets with denominated by weight, there was no measure for the loaded down with trivial details that the feet, and in addition to white marble, cracks, holes, the desire for sex and so on all can be mended, so for the marble block is mainly grasp the overall color and decorative pattern, pattern wants even, can't have the color of Yin and Yang of large area, block shape to founder, block, this process of panel is big. When purchasing, so must will block to soak with water, the color of this block is completely exposed, it can analyze the process of cutting surface, from waste materials for the analysis of plank of color and pattern, the situation of the judging panel board face, forecast sales. For granite, it is more difficult, in addition to take a closer look at whether even, decorative pattern color is uniform, and see whether there are cracks, voids, color thread and desire for sex, because this a few defects can't repair, a bit not understand or judgment, will lead to part of the sheet metal scrap, so be sure to water to soak, check again carefully, will highlight with chalk out these defects, if the judge the defect is the surface, would require the other buckle feet, if is through type, are determined not to, of course, the other will surely will be some big defect, which requires we have a sharp taste and rich experience, can judge defect, analysis sheet cutting surface, see how many can use, to seize the equality of opportunity, of course, in the world for each other, 'possible to company interests. processing and cutting process as well as the selection of waste material proposed requirements, because our domestic solid surface sheets diamond see-saw cut into big board commonly, a few used for craftworks, and solid surface in the domestic use less sand saws cutting processing, many manufacturers are diamond saw cutting plate 60, 70 board, etc. , if only one cut surface, will can calculate out the several layers of plate, look to whether waste, if you can cut, so relatively speaking, the material is relatively higher. units of measurement, generally by volume, so at the scene of the ruler is very important, as experienced company President, have sent two feet by buyer, as long as each direction for less 1 cm, a large number of accumulated is not small number, of course, sometimes the other party for their own interests, so to negotiate at the scene, we sometimes also want to make some concessions, in the author's experience, I am in length, and width and height direction ask for concessions. Gauge, general is to measure a hairy feet first, then deduct 5 cm from each direction, as the size of the actual settlement, commonly known as the net feet, but there are also some mines, USES the net scale, namely one pace reachs the designated position. 3, procurement to confirm the inspection finished, we all want to use spray paint on our own logo, the other is to spray a English mark, so that shipment. And then the other party to issue the proforma invoice attached a list of Numbers, listed block tag ( Commonly known as the shipping mark) , volume, weight, unit price, total price, etc. , by our signature, of course, if time is short, the job also can be finished by fax. As for the price, general suppliers and mines will be in accordance with the standards of grade and they have a fixed price, in the case of the current demand greater than supply generally difficult to cut, more difficult for small and medium-sized customers and new customers, can only try my best to strive for.
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