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Stone factory should be how to choose the correct saw blade

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-19
Stone manufacturers should how to choose the correct saw blade granite in the process of production, consumption is very saw blade, stone manufacturers how to choose the right granite saw blade became the primary problem. High quality solid surface saw blade has many features, not only must have the hardness, but also has the property of wear resistance, and can be applied for a long time, ensure high strength ratio, xin kai to choose a stone with a nearly 20 years experience in research and development of granite saw blade production manufacturers, have received more than 20 patents, granite blades are more than 100 kinds of specifications, can satisfy all of the various requirements of our factory. There are many of his peers during this friend asked my factory, granite saw blade is where purchasing, he is looking for the granite sawing factory, the last time he purchase a batch of quality general granite saw blade, it wasn't long before grinding to the iron box position, quality is not very good, wear resistance is not high, also easy to collapse, I recommend to him my long-term supplier. Ten days later, my colleague friend, very happy to give me a call, the granite saw blades, he has been tested, after the test results, said very satisfied, xin kai saw blade for cutting granite is very sharp, recommended by one of the most important is the quality is stable, did not cut this one well, the next is not this kind of phenomenon, fellow friends suggest manufacturers choose qualified granite stone saw blade.
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