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Stone factory tell you stone industry development

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-08
factory tell you stone industry development: China building decoration association Tang Xinyu said: 'with the development of architectural decoration industry, China has become the world's important stone production, exports, consumer'. China wall mounted bar countertop association Zou Chuansheng the 14th China xiamen international stone fair, according to China's stone industry will face industry transformation, transfer and upgrading three trends, is facing the Chinese wall mounted bar countertop processing enterprises in the past the main export market and capital market, the consumer market has not become the main market, the future will realize the industrial transformation, to the export market, capital market and consumer market. Each year about 10 million sets of house decoration market, improve sex will bring huge stone material demand, with also increase with the increase of the housing ownership, this is a big opportunity of stone material application. At the same time, China's stone industry will achieve industry shift, from southeast coast to the west, north to transfer. Zou Chuansheng said, China stone relying on imported a lot of resources, in the past mainly by guangdong, fujian, after processing by the enterprise, consumer center mainly in the southeast coast, in the future will be transfer to the west, north, so as to reduce the logistics cost of the stone industry industrial upgrading, China's stone industry the need for product innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation of technical innovation, to meet the needs of the beauty of China construction at the same time, to concentrate on saving resources and clean production
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