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Stone granite to teach you how to choose and buy

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-08
Stone granite to teach you how to choose and buy one. According to the family economic conditions to choose and buy. The marble of the origin of many foreign and domestic. Producing area is different, the degree of finish is different, lead to added value is different, the price also is different. Stone material market information shows that the marble with the best produced in Spain, Italy, Brazil, from this a few countries solid surface sheets for sale color elegant, high machining precision; The price is high also, one of the most expensive reached 2000 yuan/square meters. Currently imported stone prices far higher than domestic, import stone varieties is almost 3 ~ 5 times the price of domestic similar varieties. The stone market have a better market such as: ivory cream-colored, antigua, cream-colored, vanilla cream-colored, gold leaf cream-colored, Sally Ann the cream-colored, etc. , at least a dozen. Some of these nice name comes from the origin, some by transliteration. In all these names are consistent with their feminine appearance. For high-income families, generally choose popular Spain cream-colored and countries such as Italy, Brazil's yellow stone, because this a few countries of marble color elegant, high degree of finish machining precision; Domestic stone material market, of course, yellow natural stone material's price is much lower than abroad, generally speaking domestic yellow marble price in hundreds of yuan, the cheapest also want one hundred yuan. Stone yellow on the market of natural stone, like now, look far, golden light, almost see, these marble shown yellow also is not the same, have clean and pure yellow, with all kinds of decorative pattern of pure color yellow, have a strong bright yellow, each yellow show different texture and colour and lustre. For the average family, the choice of homebred stone material also can achieve good results. Heng xin stone distribution net is suggested homebred stone material such as big flower green, baoxing white, Chinese red, xinfeng varieties such as black also has the strong adornment sex, even some more is better than that of imports of similar products, and the price is much cheaper. two According to their own understanding of color and hobbies and different USES to choose. In real life, colorful phenomenon of nature brought us a good imagination. All color through the senses, feelings stir and ripple in our hearts. Different times, different countries, different nationalities, different people different perceptions of color. Generally speaking, red symbolizes joy beautiful, yellow symbol of nobility, light green symbol of hope and quiet, black symbol of power and dignity, and so on. In fact, the color just to the people of some kind of hopes and wishes, and show people a different aesthetic and psychological expectations. From the architectural aesthetics, natural stone, as a kind of architectural decoration from belongs to the building. The color of it must meet the needs of the construction, also must closely match with building, can give a person with beautiful enjoyment. From the psychology, we live in a colourful world, people live without color. When we see a certain color, always accompanied by some kind of mental activity. Due to the customs and habits of people, the different methods of emotional knowledge, aesthetic attitude, lenovo, understanding of color symbolism is different also, to the color on the mysterious veil, and thus produced a period of different colors of likes and dislikes of emotions.
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