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Stone industry in sichuan province is analysed the status quo

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-10
In recent years, the development of stone industry in sichuan province has obtained the good, the whole market present a good situation of supply and demand two prosperous. From the street to the city to the professional market, from large tooling to personal home outfit, from business promotion to consumer acceptance, the old stone building materials product is coruscate gives new life. Is a acrylic countertops resources in sichuan province, ya, baoxing, rong diameter, hanyuan, m yi, TianQuan, is rich in high quality stone material are known across the country, but its marketing model to keep pace with the development of the market, with fujian, Shanghai and guangdong, and foreign also exist some gaps when compared with large enterprises, the main performance in the following respects. First of all, the businessman operating varieties are the same. In stone market, quite a number of businesses operating varieties are same, such as dark green and emperador, shandong white hemp in essence is the same breed. Although this kind of phenomenon can ensure that consumers have greater choice space, but it can lead to industry as well as the internal mutual bargain and disorderly competition. It is understood that in the coastal there are already many independent purchase of mineral rights, independent development promotion of new marketing model. Through this model to do the kinds of monopoly in the market and form the monopoly position, agents or other stone businesses and consumers need to use the stone varieties can only to the enterprise in a lot of silver, and it's fully guarantee the profit space of acrylic countertops enterprises. Second, processing machinery is relatively simple lag behind. Processing zones in the market, the reporter sees most of the processing equipment manufacturers have just one or two bridge cutting machine, pouring machine, such as walking and profile grinding machine processing machinery technology content is not high, similar to the CNC rope curium, machining center, computer lathe, infrared electronic bridge machine, water knife cutting machine and other advanced machinery is very rare. Although these simple processing equipment can meet the general market demand, but if you meet difficult engineering can't, find something else to do. So, not only can not make full guarantee product quality, the profit will decline a lot. Third, product processing and traditional drab, lack of innovation. Although most businesses operate at the same time the fireplace, arc plate, column twisted lines, sculpture, craft products such as spelling a flower to meet the diversified needs of customers, but the majority of merchants is given priority to with business 2 centimeters plank, also does not have the professional personnel to develop the design of new products. In market demand increasingly differentiation and specialization, under the trend of the same products already can't meet the changing requirements of consumers. New product development design, which gives the same stone different connotation and function, the main selling point and interests of the stone will be the future growth. This requires more precise in business should be more specialized and adjustment of industry structure through market segmentation, out of the features of operating the road. Fourth, the brand has no brand. Most businesses brand consciousness is weak, the low extra value of the product brand. Market in sichuan, about more than 4000 stone enterprises, about more than 2000 enterprises in sichuan, accounted for half of the market. But stone brand that is more for provincial brand, such as xinjiang, guangdong east into magnitude, Shanghai tower. The future market competition is not only the competition of quality, service, price, but also the competition of brand. Shape is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people of the brand is urgent. Sichuan enterprises such as not to wake up as soon as possible, brand consciousness, its market prospect is alarming. Fifth, small size, low processing ability, family business model is the mainstream. According to understand, a famous stone factory in shenzhen only xiamen branch factory covers an area of 270000 square meters, the annual output of more than 150 square meters of solid surface plate. Most businesses in the stone market in chengdu in sichuan province, are almost always rent a two about dozens of square meters of the workshop as store and processing. Behind the store in the front is the product display area, the office area on one side, one side is the living room; Oneself are both the boss and the factory director, the wife or family member is responsible for financial and sales, are the pluralism. It is known that sichuan province has proven amount of each type of stone is as high as more than 15 billion cubic meters. In the face of such a large development space, sichuan stone enterprises should be how to realize the breakthrough, how to adjust the business structure, integration of advantageous resources, how to pull into the distance with coastal enterprises, further improve the comprehensive competitiveness and market share, has become the one in front of the acrylic countertops business merchants.
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