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Stone is a favorite, in addition to the charming natural colour and hard texture, glittering and translucent burnish is always people's favorite

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-19
polishing related links and the polishing process can be divided into factory polishing and maintenance, or large grinding threw and refined. This link in a factory in both large polishing and refined. The link to the initial grinding and polishing of stone is under the condition of high automation and specialization of large equipment, so we call the big polishing. In general this kind of stone material under the condition of the luster is a relatively extreme. Restricted by some factors, of course, in the factory will use some small equipment and tools for stone grinding and polishing, we call it small polishing. Plate, for example, damage repair, special-shaped processing, line processing, etc. Maintain the polishing, it is to point to in the process of installation and application in the late stone on stone luster. For example, damage of stone material repair installation site, the processing of flatness, the processing of scratches and wear, wall mounted bar countertop renovation of processing and luster. Due to environmental factors such as restriction, this link for shiny stone processing mainly depends on some small equipment and tools and even done completely by hand, these all belong to refined throw. Because refined the use of equipment and material limit, the polishing after gloss degree is low, so we often can see the stone again after polishing burnish drops and uneven.
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