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Stone manufacturer to introduce you to stone physical properties

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-13
Stone manufacturer to introduce you to stone physical properties: the fire resistance of various stone material is different, some stone material under high temperature, chemical decomposition. ( 1) Plaster: decomposition when more than 107 ℃. ( 2) Limestone, solid surface sheets for sale, decompose when more than 910 ℃. ( 3) Granite: at 600 ℃ for the composition of mineral balance and crack expansion and contraction is heat bilges cold shrink, but if the heating and then cooling, the shrinkage can't back to the original volume, and will retain a copy of a permanent inflation; The Arsenal tried from 0 ℃ to 100 ℃, then below 0 ℃. Frost resistance to minus 20 degrees Celsius, frozen, pore water in expansion is larger than the original size 1/10, rock failure to resist the expansion force of what happened, will appear damage phenomenon. A prajnaparamita bibulous rate is less than 0. 5%, it does not consider the antifreeze performance. The durability of stone material has good durability, built of stone structures has the possibility of permanent. Ancient people recognize this early, and many important buildings and monumental structures are using stone building the compressive strength of stone compressive strength due to mineral elements, crystal thickness and the uniformity of cementing material, load area, factors such as load effect and cleavage into Angle, and differ somewhat. If all other things being equal, crystal particles usually small and bond with each other the density of the material, with high strength. Dense volcanic rocks in the dry and saturated water, compressive strength, there is no difference ( Bibulous rate is extremely low) If cemented rock porosity and fear of water, the dry and wet strength, there is significant difference between. Building decorative stone has two kinds of natural stone and artificial stone, and given priority to with natural stone material, it is a kind of advanced decorative materials, mainly used for decoration engineering of high level requirements.
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