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Stone material processing factory to install a exquisite marble mesa is both economical and simple. When it comes to its clean care, compared with other ceramic tile,

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-17
Required: exquisite solid surface sheets for sale mesa, used for demolition of the old mesa hammers, horizontal lines, silicone adhesive
step one: measuring installation area. With the length and width of tape measure the installation area. Decide whether to install with the mesa sink or two separate installation.
step 2: from the decoration shop or marble manufacturers custom marble mesa.
step three: clean up the old mesa and sink, pay attention to the full cabinet, unless you want to replace the cabinets. Demolition work to before installing a new elegant marble table for a few days. Before receiving new mesa and sink not to remove the old mesa and sink, especially when you are still in daily use.
step four: the new first installed mesa, don't apply any glue. Give it a try, see if appropriate. If the installation is not very complete square area, that may need to trim the new table.
step 5: install the tailgate, and ensure that closely integrated with the wall. If there is not a complete square or aperture, the region will make the necessary adjustments.
step 6: wall mounted bar countertop processing factory after checking all the edges, can set about adhesive materials. To use 100% clean silicone adhesive. Clean silicone adhesive is very sticky, on the light color of the marble will not fade. Avoid using dark glue, because they once dry, the color will be displayed by the marble. Before using adhesives, want to use alcohol to clean from the dust behind the marble. Clean up may have been attached to the excess adhesive in marble.
step seven: to place eight hours, before use. To ensure that the fixed in ambry mesa is evenly.
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