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Stone of the development and utilization of can be traced back to ancient times and even the ancient, ancient, like the old

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-17

the Age, as the Egyptian pyramids, Roman arena; Greek dragon temple, China's ancient Great Wall

and so on. After entering the industrial revolution, the western industrialized countries represented by Italy and Germany latest

invention and enable the modern stone processing machinery,

opens the modern stone processing,


stage of processing equipment,

process and the use of various tools,

the cutting tool,

is the most classic.

in the

60 ~ 70

s, the invention of the diamond tool, use, make stone processing speed,

produced a qualitative leap. Then, in the last century

70 ~ 80

s, high pressure water jet technology,

computer control technology in the wall mounted bar countertop industry reference,

after development,

and make wall mounted bar countertop processing precision more

a step.

today's stone processing,

basically covers the original manual craft to the modern technology means of luoyang, the most advanced wall mounted bar countertop processing and CNC system.
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