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Stone processing daily maintenance notice:

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-17

1, not to be exposed to the neutral items all stone are afraid of acid and alkali. Acid, for example, often cause vomit yellow phenomenon resulting from the oxidation of pyrite content in the solid surface, acid decompose solid surface sheets for sale contains calcium carbonate, causing surface erosion condition, base will be eroded granite of feldspar and quartz crystal silicon compound of grain boundary stripping phenomenon. So the neutral items is to break the stone crystal face a culprit.

2, not optional that many different kinds of wax, wax market there are water-based wax, stearic acid, oil wax wax, wax acrylic and so on. These mostly wax containing the acid and alkali substance. Not only will the wool stoma block stone breathing, still can with WuChen wax scale formation, wall mounted bar countertop material surface yellowing phenomenon.

3, do not mess with a neutral detergent for cleaning effect quickly, general detergents containing acid, alkaline, if long time use of unknown composition cleaner, will make the stone surface gloss, and because of the neutral reagents residue is also produce stone disease in the future.

4, not long-term covered carpet, sundry to keep breathe easier in stone processing, stone should be avoided in the long term covering on the surface of carpet and sundry, otherwise under the stone material moisture to pass stone wool stoma comes out. will due to the heavy moisture, moisture content increases in stone disease problems.

5, thoroughly clean clean theory is hard or soft texture of granite solid surface sheets for sale are long-term trample resistance to wind sand and soil particles. So to use dust collector and dust from time to time to do a good job of dust removal and cleaning. The lobby entrance into the better place dust mat, wading shoes with sand, filter to reduce sand dust wear stone material surface.

6, immediately remove pollution all stone processing has a natural wool stoma, pollution sources ( Oil, tea, coffee, coke, soy sauce, ink, etc. ) It is easy to follow the wool stoma to infiltrate inside, forming a nasty stain, so be sure to select good quality of stone processing special protective agent applied to prevent the pollution pollution stone on the stone.
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