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Stone processing factory think maintenance stone clean particularly importance lies in: first, know the stone material, understand the nature of the stone material, so as to better take

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-17
Why stone processing plant maintenance stone clean is important? Because the stone is an important material of building industry, building a house is inseparable from the stone, is a inevitable factors.
if the wall mounted bar countertop surface yellowing phenomenon, stone to keep clean, bright light to regular maintenance and cleaning, also should choose stone special protective agent, or please professional company for polishing processing.

stone cleaning methods, are as follows:
1. Confirm the hardness of water quality. Because of hard water is left in stone material surface sediments, the sediment can make the surface to a dark and can react with stone material surface. Remove these deposits need to use chemical product, but at the same time of remove stains, chemicals also harm the stone. Two kinds of protection: one is the first stone for internal protection, namely using porous silicon resin solvent for protection, minimize water absorption; 2 it is carried out on the stone surface protection, which USES has waterproof and oil proof performance of minerals containing fluorine polymer to reduce sediment and soapy water acidic or alkaline stain the damage to the stone.
 2. When cleaning up to carry out targeted according to the specific situation to clean up, namely, according to the varieties of stone material, using the environment, the main pollution sources to select the corresponding cleaning agents and cleaning methods. If you don't know the specific circumstances and blindly choose detergent will cause the stone material damage, deterioration, yellow, black and other different consequences.
 3. Marble surface is local to a dark, and even serious damage, loss of surface luster, and can be mixed with liquid polishing agent ( Polishing powder and polishing liquid) To clean their ( DIY) Polishing
stone processing plants in order to reduce the occurrence of damage, it is best to use stone protective agent to protective stone permeability, and it also can reduce the bibulous rate of stone, reduce sediment and bonding degree of stone.
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